5 Natural Remedies to Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Unless you won the lottery, a lifetime of toilet paper, or a psychic that told you everything about 2020 aka Covid Year, then you’ve likely dealt with anxiety this year. Starting the year with the loss of the NBA legend Kobe Bryant, the unleashing of the monster that we call Coronavirus among us, and not to mention one of the biggest US presidential debates in recent history, we’ve had quite a stressful year.

Reducing anxiety and improving your mental state is more important than ever. We know that finding a remedy for anxiousness is crucial, but also that a healthy mind also needs a healthy body. It is a quick fix to just get a doctor to write a prescription for lessening nervousness, but we have all heard of some of the crazy, almost comical side effects at the end of an ad for a medication.

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Natural treatments for anxiety

Here are 5 natural treatments for anxiety and minimizing worries.

  • MOVE THAT BODY! Studies show that exercising at least 30 minutes a day is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety. The body produces natural “happy” chemicals called serotonin and melatonin to relax your body and improve your mood.
  • USE ESSENTIAL OILS A common way to assist with anti-anxiety is to buy a diffuser and fill it with your favorite anxiety-reducing oils such as lavender. Other ways include adding oil-infused products such as lip products and skincare. This brand has worked wonders for me! Plus, they are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • GET A HOBBY What is something you have always wanted to take on? Is it sewing or maybe taking that dance class you have been wanting to try? Take a chance and try something new, this will lower your tension. You never know what you could fall in love with. Research shows that a pastime can help alleviate anxiety and stress levels
  • BEWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS A cluttered room makes for a cluttered mind. Did you know that your physical area can affect your mental state? Select a day of the week to clean everything in your room or office space. That way, when working on a new project everything will have a place. When things are messy and disorganized this will cause heartache and stress
  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LOVE Talk with a family member for a friend that lifts you up. There is also plenty of free resources that can guide you to be your best self. Like this mental health blogger here who went on a discovery journey after the pandemic affected her. She then created a forum for other creators to cope with the effects of stressful living in a world of uncertainty.

We hope this list was helpful in helping to reduce your stress and anxiety. Remember Roses, you are always growing, and things take time. Share this with a friend if you found this blog post helpful! Now go out there and be the best self you can be. Make sure to follow #RococoaRoses to become a part of the community!