Why does SEO take long time to get organic traffic?

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Why does SEO take long time to get organic traffic?

Have you been wondering or checking with your SEO manager, why your website is not appearing on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page? Why are you spending the money on SEO when the increase in organic traffic is limited?

The answer is that SEO success requires a solid strategy, patience, constant effort, revisions, and time. You won’t get on page one of Search Engine after just a few weeks of work. It can take quite a while to get your website to appear prominently for related search terms and generate organic traffic.

Factors that make SEO a long-term process for generating organic traffic

Earning the Trust:

Search engines like to make credible sites visible to their users. Established website domains are preferred over new websites since new websites could potentially be fly-by sites. Another great way of earning the trust of search engines is by posting quality content on the website and sharing it across different social media platforms. Earning links from other credible websites also indicates the search engines that your website can be trusted.


Remember you are not the only one trying to rank for your keywords in the online space. Your competitors are also working actively on their SEO strategies. The competition is intense out there for audience attention and organic traffic. Some bigger business even outsources their SEO departments. SEO requires continuous effort and good quality content to stay ahead of your competition.

Research and Reform:

Google always keeps updating its algorithm with the intent of providing its users valuable, credential content. Because of the ever-changing algorithms by Google, the present strategies are no longer effective. New SEO strategies take a lot of research and updating from time to time. The website changes have to be made early as it takes search engine time to recrawl and reindex the website pages.  The earlier the pages are reindexed, the earlier website will have the organic traffic flowing.


Besides continuous time and effort, SEO will also require your precious dollars. Nothing in the world comes free. It is very important to have clarity on the amount of money being spent on your SEO efforts. Also, the SEO strategy should be in line with the budget. A big chunk of the SEO budget goes towards website speed performance, creating good quality content. These two factors will greatly affect the organic traffic visiting the website.

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