Get more traffic to ebay auctions

In this video training series, we show you how to get more traffic to eBay auctions. The video series is titled "Jazz up your ebay listings and get more hits" we utilize different techniques to increase traffic to your online auctions on your ebay store and ebay motors. We go over how to improve eBay listings format, optimize ebay title using bayestimator and address several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques like meta tags, keyword density, inbound and outbound links. Detailed information on the video training series is listed below. We have also included FREE video samples from this training series so you can review the product before you buy.

Improve design and layout of your sell on ebay listing

Create some excitement in your ebay listing by avoiding plain text and trying some appealing formatting effects. Add different font styles, colors schemes and use headings and titles especially on keywords. Inserting images or pictures can also jazz up the online ebay auction description. You can try using Microsoft Word 2007 or an HTML editor to help you with this effort. You can also add a table including prior customer feedback, this trick definitely helps us sell video training software as new prospects can easily view the ebay com ratings. Last but not least another technique on improving design and layout of your sell on ebay listing is to use images and hyperlinks from your listing to your website to drive traffic and potential customers.

(Running time: 19:45 mins)

Optimize ebay title with BayEstimator:

Title on your ebay item has all the necessary keywords that bidders use to search for similar items, not only on eBay but on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing!! Let's say you are a shop in a Mall, then Title is what gets the customers inside your shop. Description is what keeps them in the store and we covered the description in Part I. How do you optimize and find the best Title for your item? Three ways:

  1. Research for related keywords using search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  2. Explore similar items within ebay or ebay com categories
  3. Use ebay tools like BayEstimator from eBay Research Labs

BayEstimator is an excellent tool as it suggests keywords buyers like and dislike when searching for an item similar to you ebay listing.

(Running time: 21:06 mins)

Get more hits on ebay motors with SEO techniques:

So far we have focused on the users or bidders when it comes to ebay online auctions. In this video training on eBay, we are going to switch gears and pay attention to Search Engines instead. The idea is to get your regular ebay item or ebay motors listing coverage outside of ebay website. How do we do that? We will use some existing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to get more hits on ebay motors. One popular option is to use HTML tags that cater specifically to Search Engine Robots especially Title, Meta Description and Meta Keyword tags. We will use site as a case study to explain and simplify all the technical details on HTML tags. This site is ranked 21 out of 16 million pages, not too shabby!!

(Running time: 18:56 mins)

Other ways to increase traffic to your ebay uk stores:

In the final video tutorial, we continue our discussion on other ways to increase traffic to your ebay uk stores. One idea is to repeat portions of your ebay listing title many times in your item description. Make sure you also include important keywords in your listing text. What you are trying to achieve is higher keyword density, ratio of keywords to total words on a web page. Another technique is to add a lot of related keyword terms in your description, maybe in a small font size with a color that matches the background. Finally you can add related high quality external links to boost your SEO ranking, get more traffic to your ebay com listing resulting in more Cash in your pocket!

(Running time: 23:00 mins)

FREE Samples from Video Training on eBay:

Get more traffic to ebay auctions - Video Sample
Get more traffic to ebay auctions - Sample Video
Get more traffic to ebay auctions - Video Training Sample

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