Online marketing helps Kids Pediatric Dentistry grow its internet visibility by 30% in two years!

Kids Pediatric Dentistry provides a variety of dental health services to children from infants through adolescents. With a staff of 11 serving the Allen, TX and surrounding area, Kids Pediatric Dentistry has been offering preventive, routine, and restorative dental procedures to her multi-generation patients. These procedures include sealants, fillings, crowns, extractions, cleanings, special treatments done under general anesthesia, and emergency care. Dr. Lisi has been providing valuable advice and consultation services to children, adolescents and their parents and guardians since 1999.


Dr. Lisi started working as a pediatric dentist 20 years ago. In those days, the internet was not readily available to the majority of the population. Advertising her services in those days depended primarily on “word-of-mouth.”

This method was and continues to be the best marketing tool – “if you do a good job with the kids and the parents are satisfied, they refer you to other families – this is the golden approach” says Dr. Lisi. Her commitment to the well-being of her kids, her positive results, her teaming and partnership with other oral health specialists, and her personal touch, allowed Dr. Lisi to create a successful practice.

With the advent of the internet and social media, the medical and dental practices (together with practically everything we do in our social and economic lives) have joined the e-commerce and the online marketing landscape, where information is easily obtained remotely from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. This new world of computers, social media, and global internet, has brought new challenges and opportunities to everyone, including to the dentistry practitioners. Dr. Lisi, as many other medical and dental professionals, were not early adopters of this new world of the internet and social media.


Dr. Lisi and her staff ventured into the world of Facebook, and with their unique intuitive and home-grown talent, launched their first website a few years ago. Her website, however, was not optimized for searches in the internet, which meant her dental practice did not frequently appear in internet browser searches from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Dr. Lisi met Kash around 2 years ago through a mutual friend. Kash owns Kash Data Consulting , a digital marketing firm focusing on improving online marketing for small businesses through “Search Engine Optimization”. Kash discussed with Dr. Lisi the advantages of it, and a decision was made to complement her “word-of-mouth” golden approach with a three-pronged online strategy. The first part of the strategy was to optimize the content on their website. The work of search engine optimization included working on meta-information like title tag, meta description, optimizing images and URLs as well as changing WordPress settings. The second phase of this project involved Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords). Keyword researches, campaigns, ad groups, and actual Google ads and sitelink extensions made this endeavor successful. The third component of the strategy included optimizing and regularly updating Kids Pediatric Dentistry’s use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Google My Business) and their website.


The results of these efforts have been “very positive”, says Dr. Lisi. Parents and guardians of her patients can obtain valuable information remotely via these internet tools and be better informed. They have the opportunity to better understand the possible treatments and ask more questions to Dr. Lisi to ensure they feel comfortable with the treatment options. In addition, Dr. Lisi’s name appears near the top on Google searches – nice complement. Kash helps Dr. Lisi analyze the many reports available through the Search Engine Optimization and online marketing tools that are providing increase in online visibility to Dr. Lisi’s Kids Pediatric Dentistry practice. Families that search through the internet for Pediatric Dentists in the North Texas area are finding more frequently Dr. Lisi’s Kids Pediatric Dentistry practice. This is allowing them to become more familiar with Dr. Lisi and make better decisions for their children’s oral health. Dr. Lisi estimates that the number of patients she has that have come through online searches and social media continues to increase. And while there is nothing like “word-of-mouth”, says Dr. Lisi, “carefully embracing the opportunities that social media and the internet bring are a great way to complement our practice.” Dr. Lisi is very impressed with Kash Data Consulting. and will refer other clients to the company. The simple way Kash explains technical aspects of online marketing has helped her in building her internet and social media knowledge. She considers his efforts a “huge asset” to her company. Dr. Lisi will continue working with Kash Data Consulting to further explore additional opportunities as the world of the internet and social media transform our society.

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SEO Ranking on Page 1 for Google Search for "Brick Repair" on Omega Masonry Inc.

“Kash Data Consulting LLC, is trustworthy, timely, and provides results way over the top – the company focuses on this.” Jose Castro, Owner, Omega Masonry Inc.

Kash Data Consulting Client

Omega Masonry Inc. are based out of Plano, TX and are masonry experts who do custom builds and repairs for commercial and residential customers.


Masonry and construction is a competitive field and given that there are so many people in this business, it is hard to get ranked high on search engines. Four years ago when Omega Masonry, Inc. was looking to enhance its online search engine visibility, competitors were ranking neck-and- neck and it is hard to get a ranking within the top two pages of any search engine. Omega Masonry was doing its best to stand out online but it was very challenging and Jose was not having much luck in this area.


While attending an SEO course taught by Kash at Collin College in Plano, Texas, Jose realized that Kash would be able to help him out within a short duration as he had the necessary knowledge and experience with On Page SEO Optimization. Jose asked Kash to help him out with his company’s search engine ranking.


o help Omega Masonry Inc. rank higher on search engines, Kash Data Consulting focused on a variety of Digital Marketing techniques. These included: blog posts, Google Analytics on targeted pages, Meta information (title tags, meta description tags, and meta keyword tags), keyword, research, URL optimization, heading tags, image alt tags and name/location optimization, content optimization/keyword dentistry, anchor text for links, sitemap creation, sitemap submission, and robots.txt.  On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines metatags. Kash Data Consulting also assisted the organization in implementing Google Adwords.


Within 4 months of working with Kash Data Consulting, Omega Masonry Inc. started seeing results. The website pages were ranking higher and the company started attracting more customers. At the time, the organization was averaging $4500 per client and the net profit per client went up after implementing On Page SEO Optimization techniques.

Future Plans

Jose feels that Kash Data Consulting, LLC. is a “very good entry point and added value service” for businesses that want to rank higher in search engine results. In future, he wants to branch out into other businesses and is thinking of utilizing the services of Kash Data Consulting Inc. for those as well. Given the success he has had, he feels that working with Kash Data Consulting is a worthwhile investment.