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SEO Ranking on Page 1 for Google Search for “Brick Repair”

SEO Ranking on Page 1 for Google Search for “Mailbox Repair Plano”

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“Kash Data Consulting LLC, is trustworthy, timely, and provides results way over the top – the company focuses on this.”
Jose Castro, Owner,
Omega Masonry Inc.


Omega Masonry Inc. are based out of Plano, TX and are masonry experts who do custom builds and repairs for commercial and residential customers.


Masonry and construction is a competitive field and given that there are so many people in this business, it is hard to get ranked high on search engines. Four years ago when Omega Masonry, Inc. was looking to enhance its online search engine visibility, competitors were ranking neck-and- neck and it is hard to get a ranking within the top two pages of any search engine.

Omega Masonry was doing its best to stand out online but it was very challenging and Jose was not having much luck in this area.


While attending an SEO course taught by Kash at Collin College in Plano, Texas, Jose realized that Kash will be able to help him out within a short duration as he had the necessary knowledge and experience with On Page SEO Optimization. Jose asked Kash to help him out with his company’s search engine ranking.


To help Omega Masonry Inc. rank higher on search engines, Kash Data Consulting focused on a variety of Digital Marketing techniques. These included: blog posts, Google Analytics on targeted pages, Meta information (title tags, meta description tags, and meta keyword tags), keyword, research, URL optimization, heading tags, image alt tags and name/location optimization, content optimization/keyword dentistry, anchor text for links, sitemap creation, sitemap submission, and robots.txt. On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines metatags. Kash Data Consulting also assisted the organization in implementing Google Adwords.


Within 4 months of working with Kash Data Consulting, Omega Masonry Inc. started seeing results. The website pages were ranking higher and the company started attracting more customers.

At the time, the organization was averaging $4500 per client and the net profit per client went up after implementing On Page SEO Optimization techniques.


Jose feels that Kash Data Consulting, LLC. is a “very good entry point and added value service” for businesses that want to rank higher in search engine results. In future, he wants to branch out into other businesses and is thinking of utilizing the services of Kash Data Consulting Inc. for those as well. Given the success he has had, he feels that working with Kash Data Consulting is a worthwhile investment.