Summer Digital Marketing Internship – Google, SEO and YouTube - Kash Data Consulting LLC

Summer Digital Marketing Internship, Dallas TX – Kash Data Consulting LLC Category Internship - Focus is on SEO, YouTube, Google products and WordPress Location - Plano, TX , Can work remotely Full-Time/Part-Time - Temporary - 6 weeks Req Number - 13-0001 Summer Internship Description

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This is a wonderful summer work opportunity for a smart, capable college student who is interested in the SEO, Google Products and digital marketing field to gain valuable experience assisting with projects. In return, you’ll gain significant work experience working with cutting edge technology. The focus is going to be on:

  • On Page SEO: Including content writing, optimization of Title and Meta Tags
  • YouTube Marketing: This will involve creating, editing and uploading videos to YouTube. In addition build alliances with other YouTube partners.
  • Off Page SEO: Social Media, Blog writing on WordPress and link building techniques
  • Google Factors: Optimize techniques with Google supported "Best Practices" for SEO
  • Partial Stipend applies, this means that we will pay you every other week. Rate is negotiable and will vary with digital marketing experience. If you are interested in being considered for this Internship, please apply and submit your resume to

Summer Internship Requirements

  • Available to work a minimum of 10 hrs a week.
  • Enrolled in Bachelor's degree program
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficient at an intermediate level with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Smart, self-starter who takes initiative with the ability to work in a teamenvironment.
  • Ability to organize, plan, and perform assigned duties with minimal supervision.
  • Previous Internship or summer work experiences a plus esp on Google products
  • WordPress experience a plus.
  • YouTube experience a plus.

Digital Marketing Internship Testimonials

  • Paul
    I worked with Kash Data Consulting LLC from July, 2018 in the Digital Marketing Internship and found it to be a tremendous learning opportunity. I wrote blogs for half the period or three weeks and worked on YouTube search engine optimization (SEO) the other three weeks. In the second half, I was writing descriptions and tweaking keywords as well as analyzing traffic for many videos that were lagging on traffic. I learned strategies to writing content with SEO in mind. I wrote blogs for a clientís site and had to research unfamiliar subjects. Kash taught me how to search for info and ideas as well as how to use keywords in my content. I did the same for video descriptions, watching videos and coming up with an SEO-friendly description as well as optimizing tags and titles to potentially increase search page rankings. Kash showed me how to quickly research keywords and where to place them within an article. Working with Kash has been an excellent experience. Kash is always clear with his expectations and he is an excellent and effective communicator, always getting right to the point. He knows how to build on one's strengths and is very encouraging. The intern program through Kash Data Consulting LLC will help whether you want to improve your digital marketing skills for your career or for your own business. I highly recommend this program.
    Collin College
  • Heano
    My internship as a Digital Marketing Intern with Kash Consulting lasted from June 1, 2015 to August 31, 2015. I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with various digital marketing strategies but mainly SEO, content development, and consulting. At the start of the program, they provided me with a well-rounded training program that introduced me to the concept of SEO, its applications, and its best practices. After training, I got to directly utilize what I had learned to real business websites. In addition to SEO, another one of my responsibilities was to create SEO-optimized content that focused on social media, SEO, and other business-related topics. Also, a unique opportunity I had was to develop a future business growth strategy report, which focused on geo-targeted branding, pricing strategy, and new product launch strategy. This was the pinnacle of my internship because it required creative, analytical, research, and presentation skills, which are all important skills needed to succeed in the business world. All of these responsibilities and projects advanced my career because they taught me new skills and challenged me, but more importantly, they were all relevant to my career goals. Throughout the internship, it was evident to me that Kash truly cared about my internship experience, professional growth, and personal growth. It is rare to find an employer who cares about all three so it was a pleasure to work for someone who did. Kash is an expert in the digital marketing space and has much success in providing digital consulting services to small and medium businesses so you will be learning from a seasoned veteran in this industry! Overall, their staff is friendly, supportive, and flexible to your needs so I highly recommend this internship for those who are looking to gain some experience in digital marketing.
  • Foram
    Kashef Mughal was my professor for My Internet Marketing Certificate and I took his class on SEO and Google Analytics. I can't thank him enough for the opportunity he gave me to Intern in his company Kash Data Consulting LLC. Not only was he great professor, but also an amazing mentor and advisor. I have learnt a great deal on all things Digital Marketing because of him. He is quite knowledgeable and hand-on with SEO and IT related stuff. He gave a lot of hands -on practice during class which taught me a lot. His style of teaching is quite engaging and interactive which is a great way to learn. As my time as an Intern in his company, Kash gave me one-on one attention, helped and guided me in every project. He would make sure to take time off his busy schedule and meet every week to discuss on the work and push me towards the right direction. He was quite flexible with my schedule and allowed me the freedom to work at my convenience. He was available to talk anytime and if there was a thing I couldn't understand, he helped. This internship helped me use my Internet Marketing Certificate knowledge and apply it to real world jobs. It was a great experience working with him and his engaging personality make work easy and fun. I would like to thank him for this internship and would definitely recommend him for his skills in SEO, Social Media and IT jobs.
    Collin College
  • Darcie
    My summer internship with Kash Data Consulting LLC in Dallas TX in lasted from June 3, 2013 through Aug 23, 2013. This was definitely a practical experience that complimented by course work in SEO and digital marketing. Studied lecture notes and SEO books in an effort to learn, reinforce and implement a variety of Search Engine Optimization techniques as follows: Learned effective keyword usage, placement and implementation in content writing. Educated myself on how to obtain % of key words used and find optimal number that is necessary to be effective. Next I extended my knowledgeable and used the types and placements of hyperlinks in relation to link building. Used a variety of link building implement strategies. Researched and used a variety of types of links, location of links, and ways to obtain permission to link to others websites. Kash and Stephanie at Kash Data Consulting LLC were not only helpful via email but assisted me with tasks during our 1-1 meetings. Continue with my summer internship in Dallas, I educated myself how to obtain and research page rankings of websites and blog sites. Learned and implemented best SEO use of writing content of blogs and their effect on page ranking. Investigated and implemented internet marketing techniques for tracking and recording blog usage, keywords, variety of links and other Search Engine Optimization techniques. I feel that Kash gave me the tools and time necessary to ingest a complete understanding of the importance and proper usage of a wide variety of SEO techniques and is an expert in this field. I felt fortunate to have had him as both an Internet marketing instructor and a boss.
    UT Dallas
  • Rassin
    I would like to say thank Kash Data Consulting LLC for this great Digital Marketing Internship opportunity. Since I started on May 1 till June 30, 2013, I have learned a great deal of hands-on practices with the various projects provided me to do. For instance the Video clip montage, in which I reviewed MS-Office video tutorials, edited them and attached a trailer to the video clip. Here I used different tools including Techsmith Camtasia , Any Video Converter and Adobe Illustrator. At first, I found this process to be difficult, but with patience from SEO staff including Kash I got the hang of it. Then I uploaded those videos to Company’s YouTube Channel which is very popular and has more than 1.6 million views and thousands of subscribers. I also got practice on the SEO Title & Description for the Videos on YouTube. In the process, I also became knowledgeable how to use effective SEO techniques and Social Media marketing strategies. On the next project, I was writing blogs for e-commerce site related to Flasks. Some of the keywords we were gunning for included: “Groomsmen Flasks”, “Hip Flasks”, and “Engraved Flasks.” For this portion of SEO Internship in Dallas, I needed to do research on Keyword Phrases; which I used, and Google Keyword Tool to incorporate them into my blog content. Also, creating back links from the blog to the appropriate page on the website. I exercised creative blog writing for the dream flask project; found a few Forums, and Directories; which I learned that all of these strategies take a sophisticated approach, for the only purpose to create links back to the main website. Not all content will be posted. It depends on the site administrator. The best approach in guaranteeing your blog will be posted is to use or have any other blog site, where you can create your own conversation and hope people to follow. The Social Media aspect of this project was a bit difficult, since, I could not create: FB/Twitter/Pinterest/Google+ accounts for Flasks site. I used my social media outlet to post either a link or a short content about various flasks as a backlink to the site. All in all, this Internship program in Texas was very useful and appreciated, for I had the chance to experiment firsthand how the strategies I learned in college, would work in the real word project. Best wishes
    Collin College