Google Analytics Tutorial

What is Google Analytics?

It is a free tool offered by Google that tracks, reports and analyzes traffic on websites. Some specific functionalities and features are paid but for the most part, the free functionalities are sufficient to get a feel of how a website is performing.

Why do we need Google Analytics?

When we build a website, we spend a ton of money and effort in making it the best with respect to social media, internet marketing, search engine optimization, content etc. With all this we would need to know if our efforts are paying off.

Are people actually visiting the website?
If they are, how much time are they spending on the website?
How many people are leaving the website prematurely, spending very little time on it (called “bounce rate”)?
Which is the most visited page on the website?

These are very critical questions that provide insight into the requirements of the target audience. Google Analytics answers these basic questions and many more. Are the visitors coming from the specific locations the website targeted? How many of them are new visitors and how many of them are repeat visitors? How many visitors were there last week, last month, and last year? Did the visitors get to the website through an organic search via Google or Bing? If so, which browsers were most visitors using? Did they get to the website directly through a referral from one of the many social media websites like Twitter or Facebook? When website visitors search for something, they use specific words on browsers. It's crucial to know what these keywords are and Google Analytics makes this possible. In summary Google Analytics is a business intelligence tool. With business intelligence on a website or blog, it will enable a much better understanding of how visitors interact with the website. It generates metrics that are measurements which can help benchmark desired results.

How to use Google Analytics?

A Google Analytics account can be created if you have a primary Google account.  All the Google Analytics data can be accessed through this account. Once you are logged in, you can sign up for a Google Analytics account. It is a very self explanatory process and will ask for some information about your website. If you have several websites, you can create different accounts for each website/business. Google allows you to have up to 100 Google Analytics accounts under one Google account. Once you are finished setting up an account, you will be directed to the “Get Tracking ID button”. Once you click on that, Google sends you a Google Analytics tracking code. This code should be inserted on every page you would like to keep a track on. Once all this is done, it is time to access the data. When you access your Google Analytics account, this is what it may look like:

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