Google Ads is “contextual” based, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Contextual means that the advertising is directly related to the search term entered on a search engine. It means that if you are looking at a website on gardening, the Google Ads will be related to the topic of gardening. Google is the largest and most popular search engine. Small businesses can set aside some budget for displaying ads on Google.

How does it work?

Google allows users to create relevant ads using ‘keywords’ which are generally the words used as queries by people using the Google search engine. So when somebody searches for that specific word on a search engine it triggers the ad created by you. These ads appear on the top of the organic search area. When the ad is clicked on,  the user will be directed to your website. Technically you are buying visits to your website because you pay for every click. It is a sure shot way of getting traffic on your website.

Once assured that Google Ads will bring traffic to the website, it is important to actively participate in choosing the proper titles, images, keywords, etc to reap the entire benefits of it. While on one side you can make profit with Google Ads, it can also lead you to bankruptcy if it is not handled well. Some of the common reasons for unsuccessful Ads campaign are, the product you are advertising for may be unknown in the target market, you are paying more for your pay per click than your potential earning, you are targeting a very small niche market based on specific keywords.

In order to understand Google Ads, let us say someone is searching for “real estate” . There are three parties involved:

  • Someone searching for real estate
  • Company offering real estate services or related information
  • Google in the middle, connecting the two parties.

This highlights the importance of ‘keywords’ which you use. Keywords are the main words which describe your business or products. You should always start with a small budget for a few MOST relevant keywords. Once you have established that GoogleAds are profitable to your business, you can expand the budget. Depending on how aggressively you want to advertise your text ad, you can choose Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match or Negative Match for your keyword match type. Broad matched ads reach the largest number of users. The downside here is there is no control over irrelevant clicks and efficiency depends on how closely you are monitoring the clicks. Phrase Match offers a little more control by way of making your ad appear when the user queries the keywords which contain a phrase in the exact same order as you advertised them. Exact Match gives the most specific targeted traffic because it reaches very few users. Users can see your ad only when they query using the exact same words which you have used.

Therefore, Google Ads is the most successful advertising innovation in recent memory. It is a big shift from the regular advertising where you show random ads regardless of the audience intention, like newspaper, print, radio and regular online banner ads. Using this new medium, small businesses can effectively compete with the big boys for a fraction of the advertising cost.

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