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Why is Search Engine Optimization Dallas and SEO Ranking critical to your TX Business Survival?

If you want to be successful as a small business in Dallas TX, creating an excellent website is just part of the battle. In order to drive traffic to your website with minimal funds, you need to focus your attention on Search Engine Optimization and SEO Ranking. This strategy on Internet Marketing and SEO Dallas ranking will invariably generate more business leads resulting in higher revenues for your company. SEO engine optimization effort is well worth it as it will rank your webpages higher on the top 10 Search Engines where potential customers are doing most of the natural keyword searches. Historically speaking on internet marketing, 10 years ago optimizing a webpage for Search Engine Optimization Dallas was a breeze as the formulas and algorithms for top SEO robots were simple and not that complicated. However, over time, as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have gotten smarter, their SEO page ranking formulas have also become more complex and sophisticated. As such, it is critical for you as a small business owner to pay special attention to Search Engine Optimization Dallas and internet marketing of your website and business.

Kash Data Consulting LLC is an SEO company based in Dallas, TX specializing in providing top ranked SEO services at competitive rates. Our SEO consultants have several years of Search Engine Optimization and Dallas internet marketing experience which gives us the advantage over existing competition. Our SEO site experts and internet marketing gurus take a systematic approach towards improving your web pages and website ranking for the top 3 search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We offer specific SEO packages and our hourly rate is half compared to other SEO companies. Our team of SEO professionals believe in high quality service but at nominal charges. A typical page will take us about 2 hours to optimize from a Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing point of view. Please Contact Us for a FREE Dallas SEO website Analysis.

Dallas SEO Training Video

In order to assist our customers and clients with their Search Engine Optimization Dallas and Internet Marketing needs, we have put together a basic video training on Search Engine Optimization and SEO Ranking. Here are the details on this training video on SEO and Dallas Internet Marketing:

Search Engine Optimization Dallas and SEO Ranking - Part I

We kick off this training video series on Search Engine Optimization by doing a case study on an existing pages. Our website for case study is: This site focuses on training and instruction related to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 product. Currently this page is not showing up in the top 5 pages of popular search engines that we are interested in. The 3 search engines that we are interested in are Google, Yahoo and Bing .


Dallas SEO Step 1 - Get a baseline number of page hits

Before we can do any Search Engine Optimization Dallas analysis, we need to get a number of baseline hits that we are getting on the web page.  We are going to use Webalizer to get the page hits in October, November and December. Here are the number of SEO hits: -October - 194 -November - 251 -December - 163

Dallas SEO Step 2 - Searching for SEO keywords

In our opinion, the most important component of SEO optimization and Dallas Internet marketing is keyword selection. This is vital as it gives you concrete SEO keywords that your potential customers are searching for. In this training on Dallas Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing, we guide you through two great FREE SEO tools for keyword suggestion needs. One is link Wordtracker and the other is Seobook . Both these websites have valuable resources to help you with Dallas SEO keyword selection that potential customer are using now. Using these expert SEO tools we come up with a list of four keyword phrases that are listed as follows:  Free SQL Server & videos (Main SEO site keyword phrase ) -SQL Server 2008 -SQL Server training -SQL Server free

Dallas SEO Step 3 - Are we currently showing up?

Using our top four SEO keyword phrases, we are going to go back to the top three search engines to see if keywords are indeed showing up or not. After we go through all these keyword phrases, we find out that we are not showing up on any of the search engines. This discovery gives us even more reason to optimize our pages from a Search engine optimization Dallas and internet marketing perspective.

Dallas SEO Step 4 - Its all about META TAGS.

This is what I consider the "meat and potatoes" section on SEO Dallas optimization and internet marketing. The HTML tags related to on page and off page SEO optimization are probably the most critical items when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and internet marketing. First we discuss three important tags, TITLE, META Description and META Keywords . These tags are necessary for the search engine robots and crawlers. In addition you can also utilize these tags when a user sees your page in a top search engine results, they can get a quick highlight from the page title and description information. As such the verbiage needs to be intriguing and appealing to a prospect customer. (Running time 26 minutes)

Search Engine Optimization Dallas and SEO Ranking - Part II

Dallas SEO Step 5 - Still More TAGS?

In this lesson we continue our discussion on Search Engine Ranking and Optimization in Dallas. Last time we had discussed tags including TITLE, META description and META keywords to enhance internet marketing of your pages. In this part on SEO training we are going to focus on BODY tags which are equally as important as META tags. The ones we will focus on include HEADING (H1..H6), STRONG, BOLD and Hyperlink tags.  It is vital from an Internet Marketing point of view that you include the main keyword phrases preferably in the beginning of the webpage as an H1 or H2 HTML heading. In our case this is going to be Free SQL Server Videos . One item that we are doing well in our existing page is to use BOLD and STRONG HTML tags; these are used to stress an important point and also assist from Seo ranking perspective. The last item for tags is links from your website to internal and external pages as it is important not only from a user perspective but also a vital search engine optimization technique. A robot will typically read the Anchor text , try to match it to your TITLE and KEYWORDS. Next it will go to the targeted site, look at its SEO page ranking and relevance to the current topic and keyword. In such a manner, it is crucial to use good and meaningful anchor text not only for your personal internet marketing but also for the usability of your audience. Make sure to link high quality relate pages only and that the links are operational.

Search Engine Ranking Step 6 - SEO Keyword density.

SEO Keyword density is defined as the ratio of keywords and phrases to the total number of words on your website page. It is suggested that the optimal SEO keyword density be 5% for one keyword and not to exceed 20% for all your keywords and phrases. We prefer to stick around 8% as the SEO magic number. In this step we are going to compute the SEO keyword density of all the keyword phrases first. Next we are going to go back to the drawing board and try to improve incidence of keyword phrases. Initially keyword density on our page is 60/1352 = 3.6% which is low compared to the common recommendations by SEO experts. In the next Search Engine Optimization Dallas video we will take steps to improve our SEO Keyword density. (Running time 25 minutes)

Search Engine Optimization Dallas and SEO Ranking - Part III

We finish the current topic on SEO Keyword Density. We changed tutorial to training, SQL Server to SQL Server 2008 and modified the word order e.g. SQL Server 2000 video training instead of SQL Server 2000 training. We copied the webpage to Microsoft Word 2007 in order to find the updated SEO Keyword Density. Using the above mentioned techniques we improve the keyword density to 74/1673 = 4.4%, Super!

Internet Marketing Step 7 - Optimizing images for SEO

Images are our next topic in SEO optimization and internet marketing. Adding images is good for enhancing your website content and it is a perfect solution for adding tougher and misspelled SEO keywords that customers might use in searches. The way you can achieve this objective is to use the alternative (ALT) tag which is a way to tell the browser what the image is all about. This is also helpful for crawlers since they can only read textual data. Attention needs to be paid to the img file name also.

Dallas SEO Step 8 - Directory structure and file names

If you look at the Google ranking factors from this excellent page on Search engine ranking, SEO factor #1 is keywords in URL and SEO factor #2 is keywords in domain. You do not have much control over the domain for an existing page, however you do have control over the URL as it contains directory and file names. Take a look at this example of page we optimized for If you search on Yahoo for Mozilla Firefox New Features , this page is ranked 5/34 million, not too shabby!!

Dallas SEO Step 9 - Content is King.

Content is definitely one of the highest factors when it comes to Dallas Search Engine Optimization and Ranking. Your content needs to be not only informative but written in an appealing manner as well. If it is average or marginal in quality, this will not interest the potential customers and they will not be returning any time soon. According to some SEO expert research, longer pages (in size) are better than shorter pages.

Dallas SEO Step 10 - Backlinks

A backlink is a link from another site to your site, as such it indicates popularity of a web page. Instead of doing just a link exchange, some SEO consultants suggest 3 way linking. 3 way linking means you add a link to an external site (A) from one of your sites (B), then they add a link to one of your other sites (C), not the same as (B). We also cover how to check your websites links from Yahoo and Google. Finally you can ask other Web Masters to use Anchor Text that is more meaningful to your content.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Series - 4 Videos

Dallas Search Engine Optimization - SEO Part I   Dallas Search Engine Optimization - SEO Part II   Dallas Search Engine Optimization - SEO Part III   Dallas Search Engine Optimization - SEO Part IV  

Search Engine Ranking Dallas Step 11 - Other SEO ideas

Last item on Dallas Search Engine Optimization is to get the word out on your business, products and services. This technique involves using FREE sites including the following: Yahoo Answers eBay YouTube Craigslist Blogger (Running time 22 minutes)

Search Engine Optimization Dallas and SEO Ranking - Part IV

In this last video on search engine optimization, we bring all of this Dallas SEO Ranking information together. Remember we are trying to get one of our pages, ranked in the first five pages on top search engines. The SEO keyword phrase we are looking to optimize is "Free SQL server videos" Next we put our main keyword phrase shown above to test. We check to see if our web page made it to the list, it did not. After that we look at and our page did not make it to the list either. However when we look at for the main SEO keyword phrase, our page is ranked 22 out of 25,000,000 natural search results!! That is not too shabby for a Search Engine Optimization Dallas case study in less than 2 hours. (Running time 15 minutes)