Real Estate SEO Tips that Help to Generate Leads Organically

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August 1, 2020
10 Best Content Marketing Tools for Success
August 31, 2020
10 Best WordPress Plugins for SEO
August 1, 2020
10 Best Content Marketing Tools for Success
August 31, 2020
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Real Estate SEO Tips that Help to Generate Leads Organically

Do you want to know the best real estate SEO tips that help you generate leads organically?

Would you like 2020 to be the year your real estate website starts showing up in the local search results?

If you want to get good results with SEO, believe me! This article is for you!

The first piece of your real estate marketing strategy includes local SEO. The below-listed things will help you lead local SEO in 2020.

On-Site Indicators

On-page SEO plays a crucial role in grading your web page or website SEO authority. It is the foundation for ranking landing pages, blog posts, and websites to generate leads. It includes the following factors:

Keyword Research and Placement

First, you need to find the keywords that people search on Google. You can use different tools such as Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or Keyword Planner that help you find keywords with their volume and difficulty levels.

On every page, it is essential to include the primary keyword in five places: URL, page title, image alt tag, image file name, and page body. When it comes to talking about the real estate SEO, include the focus keyword 3-5 times in the page body.

Keyword Percentage

If you use the keywords many times, Google will consider your page as “unnatural” and prefer not to rank it as well. Always be strategic while using the keyword phrase. Do not stuff the keyword forcefully into the post.

Keyword Synonyms

The search engine is highly concerned with the content quality from the perspective of the reader. You can include supportive phrasing and synonyms to the keyword you want to rank for real estate SEO.

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are those phrases that contain three or more than three words. They are highly specific to what you are trying to focus on. According to Google, long-tail keywords are easy to rank because they have less search traffic and more conversion rate.

Local Address Schema-Put on a Map

A schema is the HTML markup that helps Google understand your content and its relationship to other stuff. It is essential to include the schema markup on every content, including geographic, images, logos, website URLs, phone numbers, addresses, and other data relevant to your business.

Internal Linking

A critical part of local SEO for real estate agents is internal linking. It offers website visitors a more manageable and valuable experience. It is an ongoing activity with every new page and blog that you add to your real estate website.

Pillar posts – Pages where you spent the most time optimizing for real estate SEO

Consistency – Link to the same page for the same keyword phrase

Client Reviews

To determine the quality of a business, 88% of the clients read reviews. The client reviews are the most influential and dominant factors in local SEO to generate leads. The real estate agents can implement and execute a client review process, with time, will see significant dividends.

Google Reviews – The words used within the Google reviews, play an essential role in the search ranking of Google

Yelp Reviews – The best practice to send Yelp users for reviewing your business on Yelp

Customer Testimonials on Website – The reviews by your customers are solid gold. It is particularly true when a review is accompanied by a photo of your client.

Social Media

Social media linking plays a vital role in real estate SEO. Traffic from social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can help you get traffic to your website.


Backlinks are the links from other websites pointing to the real estate agency’s site. They are essential in raking your website for local SEO. A few places your website can secure natural backlinks that help improve the local SEO are client sites, industry publications, regional publications, and local organizations.

Click on the link below to read our link building strategies that can be effective in growing your business.

The Verdict

These are the best real estate SEO tips that help you generate leads quickly. I hope you have got a clear idea of all the things explained in this blog.

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Written by Tarundeep Kaur, freelance content strategist and writer passionate about SEO and Social Media Marketing in Plano Texas. Loves to cook and paint in her free time. You can reach her on Linkedin


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