3 Insider Red Flags When Selecting a Local Dallas SEO Agency, That Few Will Talk About

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January 5, 2018
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INSTAGRAM POLLS: fresh content ideas and more!
January 5, 2018
5 Key Elements for Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Any Local Dallas Small and Medium Business – Part 1
March 31, 2018
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3 Insider Red Flags When Selecting a Local Dallas SEO Agency, That Few Will Talk About

Man's hand writing on whiteboard key parts of Local Dallas SEO, such as links, keywords, research and optimization

Local SEO Covers Many Online Aspects


Considering that it isn’t really practical for most entrepreneurs to research SEO and remain current on trends, a frequent question (and one you may have) is:


How Can I Make the Right Decision and

Choose an Above-Board Local SEO Agency?


If you are searching for a top-notch Dallas local area SEO firm, below are a few red flags from potential SEO providers to watch for:



Automobile with broken side mirror duct taped on - metaphor for poorly implemented SEO solution that "appears" to do the job

Quick Fixes Won’t Meet Your Long-Term Needs


1. Promises of a Quick Fix

There are no ‘quick-fixes’ in SEO, just great methods. Any type of respectable firm understands that those techniques take more than a couple weeks or months to accomplish the desired results.

Several of the worst companies will certainly assure you a fast service to your SEO aspirations, of course, without assurances of continuous upkeep, reporting, and the necessary re-adjustments to develop long-lasting growth.

Conversely, or additionally, they may attempt to sign you into a long-term contract, which contains little reference to regular checks and tests to ensure they’re doing their job appropriately.


True SEO Professionals Will Not Provide

You with Fast Front Page Guarantees


Be suspicious when you hear a company that advertises any warranty to placing your business in the top position in Google’s search results.

Google’s formulas regularly transform on-the-fly, making it unrealistic for SEO / web firms to trick the system and to promise anyone a place on the first page of Google’s search results.

What you should expect, and what your prospective agency should offer you, is a straightforward summary of the sort of enhancements you’re most likely to see … and that these enhancements could take numerous months to truly show results.


"Confidential" Stamp - Too Many Local SEO Agencies Hide Poor or BlackHat SEO Techniques Behind a Claim it is "Proprietary"

Good SEO Techniques Are No Secret


2. Uses “Proprietary” Processes / Methods

If you ask just how the firm prepares to boost your position, do not settle for obscure, fuzzy, buzzword-filled solutions.

Any kind of reputable local SEO firm ought to be delighted to review their methods thoroughly with a customer, covering both short-game and long-game strategies for raising your company’s profile, methods to optimize your website for better search positioning, and how to reach your SEO objectives.

A firm that can not address your questions or concerns probably does not have adequate background to meet your needs.


Look For A Transparent Process Which

Includes Your Personal Input

Ideal techniques for efficient SEO are not tricks. Great SEO agencies enjoy speaking about SEO, even about details such as the relevance of meta data, or latent semantic indexing. Be wary if you hear “it’s too complicated” from an SEO firm seeking your business.

Yes, SEO has a lot of moving variables and may seem rather complicated, yet a great company will certainly walk you through the what’s and the why’s of their plan.

Do not allow companies hoodwink you with the lingo. Ideally, you could squeeze the time in and educate yourself via online sources, allowing you to know enough to identify if are hiding something, or, worse, employing black-hat techniques. Any good white-hat firm would offer openness and transparency.

Before signing anything with an SEO agency, see to it you are clear on the job they are executing for you, the prospective advantages, and what kinds/frequency of reporting you will be provided.


Two Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutters - Metaphor for Local SEO Agencies that don't take the time to understand your unique digital marketing needs.

You Have Unique Digital Marketing Needs


3. Uses a “Cookie Cutter” Approach

Excellent SEO in 2017 blends a variety of aspects to provide a solid big-picture approach to your specific needs: website design and usability, onsite under-the-cover enhancements, backlinking methods, advice on branding, and content targeting and development.

Before you begin any tactical SEO action, expect to be asked about your goals. Are you attempting to drive recognition or sales, or both?

An excellent internet firm should certainly want to check out your customer’s overall experience with your brand and will assess your existing web traffic to identify the notable attributes of your clients.

This establishes the kinds of web or social media content your consumers would most likely respond to, as one example.

Rather than focusing on the search phrases you want to target, an SEO firm should help you target the right kinds of material to publish, whether onsite or offsite, concentrating on the message, the attributes, as well as the advantages of your offerings.


Your SEO Company Should Use a Personalized,

Multichannel Approach to Increase Sales


You prospective Local SEO provider should seek to comprehend just how your clients would browse around your website, and just how / when they are likely to seek help and support when buying or signing up.

They will walk you through the many factors to consider in building online “authority” and weight for better search performance.

Disreputable firms may employ keyword “stuffing”, an obsolete technique from a few years ago, that may penalize your rankings, if not tarnish your brand.

Effective SEO is a balance between your customer expectations and your business’ goals.

Say “goodbye”, if you are provided a conventional generic plan, rather than one customized to your detailed requirements and objectives.


Blurry Photo of Fair with Farris Wheel - Metaphor for unclear or poorly understood SEO planning and reporting from your Local Agency

You Should Expect Clear Plans and Reports


4. (Bonus) Is Vague About Reporting

For success in their SEO efforts, open communication with you, the customer, is vital.

An excellent internet firm will provide multiple opportunities for maintaining collaboration and awareness, such as regular reports.

These open lines of communication ensure that issues you encounter can be solved on a timely basis, and changes made on the fly to meet your evolving needs.


Ideally, Your SEO Firm is Local, and

Will Follow Up with You Biweekly


Local SEO agencies that shun face to face meetings or regular updates should be avoided.

Assessing the data they collect and sharing their insights with clients should be a “given” for a trustworthy SEO agency. Without those detailed progress reports, you simply will not be able to determine how your current approach is working.

Prior to committing to a company, inquire on exactly what sort of analytics reporting they give you. You should expect the reports to include traffic, bounce rate, time on site, links built, source of inbound links, content posted, etc..

This is critical. If they hesitate to meet and/or to provide and explain detailed reports to you, walk, no RUN, away. Your business will win or lose the online battle with what you gather and do with this information.

Bottom Line:  A great local Dallas SEO company will certainly wish to make sure you are more than happy with the job being performed by assessing your objectives and adjusting approach regularly.


Two Men in Suits Shaking Hands - Working with a Local SEO Agency should be a partnership built on trust.

Find a Trusted Local SEO Agency to Partner With


Choose Kash Data Consulting

Whether you are in Frisco, Plano, or Dallas, if you are looking for a superior SEO and social media marketing service provider, there is a local Dallas-based consulting firm that can help meet your small or medium business’ digital marketing needs at an extremely competitive price: Kash Data Consulting.

Kash Data Consulting is a specialized firm providing SEO and social media marketing services to medium-size and small businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Kash Data Consulting catered to over 30 satisfied medium-size and small businesses in the Dallas metroplex. Check out the reviews of some of our satisfied customers here.

For more information on our approach for our local clients, read this:

SEO Dallas – Your local Dallas SEO partner


Contact Kash

Contact Us


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