How to use Instagram effectively for Small Business Digital Marketing

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May 23, 2021
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May 31, 2021
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How to use Instagram effectively for Small Business Digital Marketing

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Let’s face it, getting random strangers to follow your work on Instagram is daunting work.  I get it, it’s frustrating trying to figure out content to post!  But as a small business owner, even though I find this intimidating every day to accomplish I still do it partially because I want to be in the rat race and also because I associate visibility to my profile with it.  

 Here are some Tips and Tricks that I use that will definitely help you. 

1. Posting consistency – Figure out what days are the right days for you in the week and post those days.  Do not skip posting.  Out of sight is out of mind!  The more you post the more followers you get. 

2. Competitor Analysis – Follow your competition and notice how often they post as well as the hashtags they use on their posts.  Study their content strategy as well. Depending on relativity, you can use the same hashtags. 

3. Using hashtags – Instagram allows you to have a maximum of 30 hashtags, and try to have your posts utilizing relevant as well the max number. There’s more visibility to your posts this way. 

4. Use good photographs to display your product or service – Everyone likes viewing HD images and the more higher quality pictures you post, the more likes you will receive.  Most smartphones have better capabilities than SLR cameras, and studying lighting, as well as composition will help you. Check out this article’s tips:

Instagram Photography: Top Tips for Taking Shots With Just Your Phone

5. Using Instagram stories to your advantage – To make sure your product or service looks good, it needs to adaptable to different screens. This article helps in understanding the right aspect ratio of smartphone screens.

This blog was written by Naina R. Ingleshwar