User-Friendly Project Management Tools Available for Remote Teams

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User-Friendly Project Management Tools Available for Remote Teams



When you’re dealing with remote teams and projects in different time zones and locations, keeping track of due dates and activities without a defined process may be difficult.

The remote project management tools are essential to execute work as nimbly as possible while also easily monitoring expenses and progress. Communication on time is a crucial element of the entire project.

Project management tools for virtual organizations can assist in standardizing processes across team members from various locations and promoting coordination and tracking of their progress on activities.

We’ve compiled a list of the best project management solutions for remote teams in this piece of content.


Wrike is a project management software with all of the features you need to take your company to the next level. Project management teams that use Wrike may manage many projects and activities simultaneously. Wrike includes a user-activity stream that displays updates regarding tasks and sub-tasks and changes made to Folders and Projects in real-time.


  • Dropbox, Google Docs integrations
  • Time tracking
  • Reporting project management tools such as analytics
  • Approval management for different tasks
  • Categorizing tasks into different folders or projects


Trello has all the necessary characteristics to enable you to manage virtual projects effectively over time and distance. Trello’s objective is to make it easier for a team to work, so it uses boards, lists, and cards in various ways to manage projects. Each feature has its own function: the boards display the information and tasks, the titles written on lists, and cards used as the basic unit.


  • Use power-ups to add third-party integration or additional features into this tool
  • Assign a card to different members, add custom fields, labels, and due dates to check the work progress
  • Organize tasks by statuses to check the progress

Microsoft Projects

Microsoft Project is a powerful project management system with sophisticated capabilities. It has industry-leading characteristics that allow you to choose the best way to manage projects and distribute workloads across your team.

Although Microsoft Project is not the most user-friendly project management software on the market, it does have a learning curve. If you prefer the ease of use, keep reading to learn about alternative tools.


  • Includes detailed task descriptions
  • Gnatt charts
  • On-premise and cloud variants
  • Project budget estimations (formerly Dapulse) is a user-friendly and simple-to-use tool that has established itself as a viable alternative in industries including IT teams and services looking for an adaptable task management solution. provides column types and templates to help you aggregate information in one place and many display boards to project and manage data.


  • Easy file management
  • Mobile apps
  • Email notifications, task comments, and task forms
  • Timeline views
  • Personalized templates

The Verdict

Choosing the perfect project management tools for remote teams isn’t easy. With all of the preceding tools having sophisticated collaboration functions and task management capabilities, you should think about the size of your team and company, which features you want in your solution and which ones you love the most.



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