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Optimize Social Media Pages
November 29, 2021
Turn Your DIGITAL MARKETING into a High Performing Machine in 2022
December 17, 2021
social media optimization Dallas
Optimize Social Media Pages
November 29, 2021
Turn Your DIGITAL MARKETING into a High Performing Machine in 2022
December 17, 2021
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5 Free Social Media Tools For Marketers

Content Creation Tools Dallas Metroplex area


   In social media, content is king. The competition in social media is very high; therefore, you need to grab attention by creating great content. To create engaging content, you need to use the right content creation tools with built-in templates to create unique visual content for different social media platforms. These tools help make your job a lot easier. 

 Here are some tools that can help you:

       1.  Canva

   With images, you can express ideas and thoughts much better than written text. Canva is one of the best free design creation tools that help you to design excellent professional images and infographics on any platform. You don’t need to be a designer; Canva can do the job for you. Canva has different kinds of templates for every occasion. You can customize, edit and add text to your images in the way you like. 

 Moreover, Canva templates are grouped into categories to fit each social media platform, making it easy for you to create the right images. All you need is to use the drag-and-drop feature to design.

  You can work alone or as a team in Canva. Also, you can plan, schedule, and publish your posts on social media directly from Canva.

  People are attracted to visuals more than text which gets them to engage and react more with your content. If you think you need more features of Canva, they have a paid option as well.


   2. Giphy

  Giphy is another free app that you can count on as a content creation tool. Giphy is the world’s most extensive library for getting trendy GIFs and animated stickers. It is a search engine that makes you find and share short clips with no sound. In addition, Giphy allows you to browse different types of GIFs like trending GIFs, and other categories or create your own.

  Many businesses use Giphy to drive up their traffic, creating engagement and generating leads.

  3.  Anchor

   Anchor is another content creation tool for making and publishing podcasts. It is a free unlimited tool for creating, distributing, and hosting podcasts. Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast; Spotify sponsors it. Anchor allows users to record and edit their audio or shows, publish it on Spotify or another listening app then share it on different social media platforms.

  The different features anchor has made it easy to add background music, interludes, sound effects, voice messages. It also allows followers to record messages that pop up in your show, and this way, you create a conversation with your audience.

  Also, its advanced analytic features and insights help you to understand your audience, so you can plan and tailor your podcast around the content that performs best.

 Furthermore, Anchor transforms your videos into podcasts, and then you can share them on Instagram live with just a few clicks on Anchor. You can also record a 2-minute wave through Anchor and share it on social media like, for example, on Twitter, and your audience can respond to your locks with their sound clips.

  Learn more about how to create podcasts using  Anchor


  4. Animoto

   Animoto is a video builder tool that allows you to create a video in a few easy steps. You can choose the free version of Animoto or select the plan that fits your budget and requirements. 

    Besides you can use Animoto’s different features to build your video either from scratch or by using one of their existing templates.

   How to build a professional video with Animoto?

   First, choose a storyboard template for a quick start.

   Second, upload your images, or you can choose from the library.

   Next, personalize your video by adding your touches like colors, text, and music.

   Finally, share your video directly with your followers on any social media platform.

   Animoto enables you to produce videos from photos, video clips into slideshows. Social media users love videos because videos capture the audience’s interest quickly and in no time. To grab your customers’ attention, you need to utilize short snippets that deliver engaging and entertaining content that gives them a reason to interact and take action.

     Using Animoto helps you to create good marketing videos by providing different templates that you can use in your marketing campaign like

  1. Testimonials
  2. Tutorials
  3. Product and service promotion

  Video marketing works well in business because it tells a story and answers questions about the brand.


   Hashtagify is the most advanced Twitter and Instagram tracking tool. This tool allows you to search and analyze popular, high-ranking, top trending hashtags to reach your audience. It is a free tool to search for related hashtags and top influencers, but you can add on paid features like getting alerts for specific hashtags or tracking influencers. You can use the search bar to get information about a particular Hashtag.

  Hashtags are becoming a trend, and users widely use them over social media platforms. Hashtags make finding information about a particular content and reaching your target audience easier. Also, #hashtags help categorize posts that attract followers and increase engagement. Enhance and boost your marketing strategy through #hashtags use.


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     All the content creation tools mentioned above for social media, come in FREE versions plus add-on paid features. While all these tools are great, help with the content creation process and easy to use for the creation of a unique content, the best thing to do would be to try the free version of each tool first. Then evaluate each tool’s performance. The tools discussed in the list, all help with the content creation process in social media. Finally, figure out the right ones for you and start creating social media content that gets you conversions. Always make sure that both fonts and colors on your images or videos are visible and distinctive. Also Remember, the best way to build trust and eventually drive your audience towards taking more action is to create and share phenomenal content.

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About the Author: Zainab Ibrahim, currently working as an intern for Data Kash Consulting LLC. Passionate about content writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing.  Learn more about my qualifications at LinkedIn