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LinkedIn for a Business
November 22, 2021
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5 Free Social Media Tools For Marketers
December 9, 2021
LinkedIn for business Plano
LinkedIn for a Business
November 22, 2021
Content Creation Tools Dallas Metroplex area
5 Free Social Media Tools For Marketers
December 9, 2021
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Optimize Social Media Pages

social media optimization Dallas

Almost everyone now is on social media for different purposes. For example getting news, sharing content, entertaining themselves, or doing business. There has been an increase lately on time spent on social media platforms. Especially during the pandemic when people were asked to stay home. Social media helped everyone to remain connected and maintain their relationships. All work and business was done online. Accordingly social media usage has changed a lot. Marketing professionals optimized social media as well to drive their businesses and generate leads.

What is Social Media Optimization?
SMO (social media optimization) is how to use different platforms to build up your business recognition and generate an audience by allowing people to engage, share, comment, like, etc. Thus creating connections and interactions with your existing and targeted customers which in turn makes algorithms consider your pages.

Your Strategy for SMO should include:

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  1. Your Goals: First set up your goals and take time to understand Social Media digital marketing before investing your budget. Next set the right objectives. Then decide if you are looking for conversions or targeting a defined list, so you can put the right budget. Finally, create a content strategy that is suitable to your product and the audience that you are trying to reach. Plan content and build brand awareness.

   2. Your Profile: Optimizing your SM page profile is the most important part. Your profile is the cornerstone of your page. Yet don’t underestimate it and think, it is an easy task. 

   – Profile picture should be a clear image of the company, or organization logo because people tie it to your business, and it sticks in their minds forever.
   – Always use the same username throughout  your Social Media platforms.

   – Apply the main keywords that customers use to look up your business in your Bio. Remember to add the link to your website.

 3. Hashtags: are popular and a great way of marketing strategy over social media. It makes your content easily found by people searching for your product or service. In order to create more engagement and get attention, you can use #hashtags that are related to your post. Besides try to be creative in your #hashtags to capture the attention of your audience.

 4.Valuable content: you need to capture the interest of your consumers and potential clients too. You must work with Algorithms to keep your clients engaged. Additionally use the 90/10 rule ( 90% organic content and 10% promotional ). Also don’t post the same content from one platform to the other. The type of content that works on one platform might not work the same on another platform. Furthermore try to remix, or do some changes in your post, so it looks different on different platforms. Mixing more engaging content can help your posts to be more visible. In the end check the replies and comments, you receive and delete any uninteresting content.

 5. Consistency: Update your content and post consistently because if you fail to make your customers engaged, you gradually lose them over time. Master one or two Social Media platforms before you distribute yourself over all platforms. In fact, look which platform your audience are using most and double your work on it.

 6.  Schedule Your Posts :First test the best time to post on social media for maximum engagement. However, don’t post everything at one time. Spread it through the day, so your profile remains active most of the day. Another way that can help optimizing your social media page, is to go live with offers and target the time when your clients are mostly engaged on your SM page at that specific moment. Then check your conversions later and see if it is working. Remember to always give them a reason to come back by giving away discounts, last-call actions, offers, etc.

 7. Build a relationship with your audience: Make real personalized connections by P2P (person to person) and not B2C ( business to consumer). People like to interact with each other and not just pictures and logos. This way you gain your customers’ trust. Keep your following numbers growing as well as staying active on SM pages will help in keeping your brand visible all the time.

 8. Analyze your audience persona: Know what are the most platforms your followers use. Analyze each post’s performance by using different tools on the analytic page on your social media account.

 9. Videos and images: Sharing visual content not only make the content more interesting but also increases engagement on your social media page. On the other hand, make short videos suitable for mobile use. In fact, a strong image will capture the attention of your clients more quickly than a normal text.

 10. Boost your traffic and followers by increasing your visibility:

     – Consider influencers, when influencers like your content and find it worthy they will share it, therefore your visibility will increase.
     – Make it easier for your customers to share your posts by adding plugins to your SM page.
     – Use high-ranking external links to get more traffic.

SM pages optimization Dallas


In conclusion, a well-optimized SM page creates brand awareness and generates leads. As a result, it allows you to make more connections which in turn gets you more traffic. Optimization, broaden your followers numbers and keep them attached to your business. Remember to avoid repetition and frequent posting. Social media optimization will ensure that your performance is going on the right way.


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About the Author: Zainab Ibrahim, currently working as an intern for Data Kash Consulting LLC. Passionate about content writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing.  Learn more about my qualifications at LinkedIn