5 Key Elements for Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Any DFW Small / Medium Business – Part 3

5 Key Elements for Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Any DFW Small / Medium Business – Part 2
May 1, 2018
Artificial Intelligence – Impact on Industry, Marketing and SEO – Part 1
September 15, 2018
5 Key Elements for Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Any DFW Small / Medium Business – Part 2
May 1, 2018
Artificial Intelligence – Impact on Industry, Marketing and SEO – Part 1
September 15, 2018

Maybe you have wondered:


How do I prioritize my investment and effort

for my online marketing?


You are in good company, as this is a question many DFW area SMB budding entrepreneurs, owners, and executives have.

This is Part 3 the final part of a series to help answer your question.  If you missed Part 1, click here or Part 2, click here.

To recap, here is the short list of the five top digital marketing areas to prioritize around and budget for.

  1. Have an Attractive Digital Presence
  2. Get Your Website Search Ready
  3. Provide Authority and Trust
  4. Extend Beyond Organic Search
  5. Integrate Your Digital and Offline Marketing

In Parts 1 and 2 we discussed the first four priorities.  In this post, we bring them together to power your traditional marketing.



5. Integrate Your Digital and Offline Marketing

You might come away from the prior two posts thinking you should drop your offline marketing efforts in favor of digital.  Don’t!

Think of digital as providing you more tools to use to reach your customer or client.

No matter what other marketing channels you may be using, you want your offline and online marketing efforts to compliment each other, working towards the same end. When done right, the impact is significantly more powerful than each effort on its own.


The key thing is that they should be working together to drive the same message and goals. Yet we found 50% of businesses have no or limited integration. Only 1 in 20 have achieved full optimization.
Smart Insights, 2016


What this means for you is thinking how you can make your customer experience consistent and seamless wherever you might engage them.  With the advent of digital media, it also means more than just one-way push / broadcast, but can mean immersive, interactive and personalized.


Determine Your “Where”

As part of your call to action, you need to be specific on where you want you customers to go to take the next step.  That can be a specific landing page for a product, service, or event you are promoting.  That could be following your business page on your social media to keep up to date on a new release, or to interact live with attendees at an event.


44% of clicks generated by B2B companies direct to the homepage instead of a landing page.
Wordstream, Landing Page Opitimization Stats, 2018


Your print ads, business cards, posters, etc. should have this digital “location” prominent and clear.  Your digital media. likewise, should point to where you want them to go, for example, your social media and emails could be linking to your landing page.

Another tip is to use a pithy URL (e.g. freecupofjoe.com) and/or memorable social media hashtags (e.g. #kashseoguru) specifically for an event or promotion, to redirect folks to your landing page or social media page set up for it.


We see 10 to 20 times more response on Instagram with vanity URLs than a full-length URL.
Kyle Golding quote – Rebrandly, Vanity URLs, 2018


Sure, you will still want to provide a phone number to contact too, but you want to make sure you are consistent and focused across all you marketing channels on how you want your customer to contact or interact with you.

Also, don’t confuse them.  This should be complimented with consistent branding (e.g. look and feel, tone, and style) across your channels.


Some Inspiration for How

Here are a few examples to inspire on what is possible when integrating your traditional and digital marketing channels:

1) Trade Shows and Events

Have attendees text to request event information, rather than printing flyers.  This allows you to capture their contact information for later follow up, and saves them the hassle of lugging around all that paper.

2) Print Ads with QR Code

Invite reader to scan a QR code via their mobile phone, which directs them to your landing page, perhaps with a discount offer for a purchase.

3) Youtube Stories

Invite customers, via traditional media, and via email and social media pages, to submit their video stories about using your product to be posted on your channel.

These are only a few tried and true ideas.  For more inspiration, check out the additional articles below.


Where to from Here?

So there you have it, and now you know what to look for.  Over these three posts we covered a lot of ground giving you a flavor of the five areas you need to prioritize for your digital marketing strategy.

Certainly there is plenty of detail behind each of these areas to get right, but if you focus on these priorities your business may well leap frog over your competitors.

However, like the game of chess, knowing how the pieces move is the easy part.  There is plenty of information available both here and elsewhere to get you started.

And, if you need help, by all means, reach out to Kash, be it for a quick answer to a question, a quick assessment, to put heads together to brainstorm ideas on approach, or to implement a key part of your digital marketing strategy (from website, to SEO, online ads, email campaigns, or social media).



Choose Kash Data Consulting

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If your business is in the DFW area and you need some advice on your Digital Marketing Strategy, give Kash a call.

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