5 Quick Ways to Make Facebook Work for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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January 5, 2021
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5 Quick Ways to Make Facebook Work for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Facebook is one of those “love to hate it” social media sites. We’re sure you’ve been told that organic reach just isn’t the same on the platform any more – businesses can’t get the same kind of visibility they used to without paying for ads. But does that mean you should abandon all your social media efforts on Facebook? No! There are plenty of social media strategies you can implement on Facebook BEFORE resorting to running ads.

1)    Know Your Goals

What are you trying to achieve with Facebook? Do you want to build a community? Get more sales or leads? Increase knowledge of your brand? In order to know which social media strategies will serve you best, figure out the answer to this question!

2)    Know Your Customer

Who are you selling your product to or trying to appeal to? Who are you marketing your services to? How old are they? Does your product cater specifically to men or to women? Facebook can help you narrow down your search for customers to a surprisingly specific degree, so it pays off to think about your ideal customer before you start creating your profile. The success of your social media strategy depends on you knowing your customer!

3)    Fill out your Facebook Business page completely 

I know, I know. We’ve harped on this one before. But it is SO important that you take every single opportunity on your page to let your customer know who you are and how to contact you on social media. Facebook Business pages differ from a regular personal profile, so make sure you poke around and use all the features to their full advantage! Set both your profile and cover photo, enter your hours of operation, and don’t forget to include a Call to Action. For a more in-depth summary of how to fill out your business page profile, check out this great Hootsuite blog post: https://blog.hootsuite.com/steps-to-create-a-facebook-business-page/

4)    Connect with other businesses 

What’s the reason that everyone flocks to social media sites like Facebook?  To connect with people! If you don’t reach out to complementary businesses or businesses in your area and start a conversation, you’re only getting half the benefit of online marketing. Do you sell medical supplies? Like doctor’s offices in your area and comment and share their (relevant) posts on your page. Do you run a salon? Find the business pages for some of your products or check out the storefronts around you and share as a gesture to send more business their way. 

5)    Connect with your fans

Now that you’ve laid all the groundwork, it’s time to do the fun stuff: post and interact with the people who love what you’re doing on Facebook! Make sure you’re using Facebook for more than just self-promotion. People become fans for life when you identify and solve a problem for them. So what problem are your customers having and how can you help them with it? If you’re the medical supply company from earlier, a post with a video showing the most painless way to check blood sugar levels would be a great start. What if you sell hand-poured candles? Film yourself showing people the proper technique for trimming your candle wicks to get the longest burn time. Don’t forget to comment and like when your fans show their love on your content! 

Remember that all of these Facebook social media marketing strategies are helping you with your organic reach – what you can do to promote your business WITHOUT spending money on ads. In order for you to have the best chance of attracting customers when you do start to dabble in paid advertising, these 5 strategies will help you have the strongest foundation to run your ad campaigns. And if you decide not to try paid advertising, a fully completed Facebook business page will show your future customers what makes you unique! 

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About the Author: Cindy Hallo is a content writer and social media specialist based in the Dallas area. When she’s not giving tips on online social media strategies, she’s traveling the world looking for the best places to run marathons. Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhallo/

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