How SEO and Google AdSense work together?

Link-Building Strategies that are effective for SEO success.
July 2, 2020
Local Business Partners
July 20, 2020
Link-Building Strategies that are effective for SEO success.
July 2, 2020
Local Business Partners
July 20, 2020
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How SEO and Google AdSense work together?

Making money is everyone’s dream, and what if this dream comes true from the comforts of your home? Sounds pretty amazing! But how? The answer lies in Google AdSense earning through which you can generate a decent chunk of money in a matter of days or hours. For that, you need to host a domain where you can put your unique content regularly. If you already own a domain and have a high load of visitors on your website, then it’s like icing on the cake. It increases the chances of visitors to click ads that are displayed on your web page.

Before moving forward to our main subject, the following terms need to be clarified:


What is SEO and how it works?


Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO, a technique that can lift your site to the top of search engine results when someone puts a related keyword in the Google search bar. It drives the targeted visitors to your site. Because there are plenty of other people working on the same niche as you are so ultimately, they become your competitors, and Google ranks you and your competitors based on different parameters. You can benefit your page by carrying out on-page SEO and off-page SEO. In the former, all of the site optimization basics such as optimization of keywords, meta description, HTML, and alt attributes are considered. In contrast, off-page SEO deals with factors that indirectly affect page ranking, such as backlinks and social promotion.





What is Google AdSense? 


Google AdSense is a system through which you, as a webmaster, can generate revenue by putting ads on your web pages. If a visitor clicks on an ad that is displayed on your page, you get money from the ad publisher. It generally applies the cost per click policy. It means more clicks will offer you more money. You can earn 4$ to 5$ per click and even more. Google AdSense usually keeps a record of all the Ad clicks on your site and generates overall income accordingly, of which 40% is offered to the webmaster. It is profitable for everyone, whoever uses it says its publisher, Google, webmaster, or even the reader. It acts like a bridge that connects buyers to their sellers.


Example of Ad on our website through Google AdSense:



YouTube Tutorials on Google Adsense:

Though the tutorials are from 2011 but are still helpful for securing Google AdSense on your website.

How to make money and get paid Online? The right way with Adsense – Part I


How to make money and get paid Online? With Google Adsense – Part II


How SEO and Google AdSense work together?

Now you are fully aware of the two terms search engine optimization and Google AdSense; let’s look at how they get along to benefit webmasters in making money.

  • If you have good optimization of your page or website, you will be successful in getting a rank near the top of the search engine results that eventually drives increased visitors to flow on to your page. In return, you will get more visitors clicking the ads displayed on your webpage and more money.
  • It also benefits Ad publishers in that when readers click an ad; they are redirected to the publisher’s website, thus increasing the visitor’s flow on to the publisher’s website, even though it’s not organic.
  • The Ads are displayed in relevance with the niche of the website. It means if it is all about ‘cosmetics,’ then Google AdSense will display only Ads related to cosmetics on your site and thus increasing the Ad clicking possibility by the reader.
  • The search engine optimization and Google AdSense can increase visitors’ frequency on your website either by driving organically or by redirecting visitors to your site upon clicking your Ads on other sites.
  • If your efforts are not bearing fruit through the use of typical ways of site optimization, you can think about Google AdSense to work for you. But one drawback that comes with it is the decline in visitor flow that may happen after the removal of Ads if your content is not authentic and strong enough.
  • That is why SEO is preferred when you need benefits in the long run. The SEO tactics help the webmaster by driving the organic flow of visitors without paying an iota of money. The organic visitors regularly visit your site due to your professional and informative content of their interest. While relying on just SEO to bring visitors, you must be consistent with your work as it can take time to build your organic visitor flow.


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In the end, if you want to grow up your business fast, you need to consider both SEO and Google AdSense to complement the flow of visitors to your site in as little time as possible.


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