Link-Building Strategies that are effective for SEO success.

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June 15, 2020
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July 9, 2020
How to optimize Visual Content to boost SEO?
June 15, 2020
How SEO and Google AdSense work together?
July 9, 2020
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Link-Building Strategies that are effective for SEO success.

Increasing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your chances of ranking well. Other benefits of link-building for your business could be:

  • Building Relationships
  • Sending Referral traffic
  • Brand building

What is link-building?

Link-building is the process of acquiring new inbound links(backlinks), from external websites to your own. Search engines crawl the links between the individual pages on your website, and they will crawl the links between entire websites. The number of hyperlinks on other websites linking to your site is a good indicator of page authority.




What can Link Building do for SEO?

Mastering the art of building high-quality links is difficult, but it can help your business rank ahead of your competition. There are two ways that search engines use links:

  • Discover new webpages.
  • To determine how well a page should rank in their results.

Aherfs research has found that the link popularity (the number of inbound links to site/page) continues to have a high correlation with Google rankings. The chart below shows (taken from Aherfs’s study of over 2 million keywords) shows that link signals have a much higher correlation score than individual on-page factors (meta tags, keyword usage, etc.)



Link Building vs Link Earning:

Before building links, you need valuable assets to build links to, link homepage, blog post, tool, or graphic. You can build links to the existing assets or specifically create new assets for linking building campaigns.


What are the types of links for off-page SEO? 

  • Natural Links are editorially given without any action on the part of a page owner.
  • Manually built links are acquired through deliberate link building activities. This includes things like getting customers to link to your website or asking influencers to share your content.
  • Self-created links are created by practices such as adding a backlink in an online directory, forum, blog, comment, etc. But some of these practices when overdone tend towards Black Hat SEO and are frowned upon by search engines.


What are the strategies that can help with effective link building?

Link building strategies vary in terms of requirements, efficiency, and expertise. But we will cover 6 essential tips to every successful link-building strategy in detail:

1.Create Internal Links:

While Google’s algorithm continues to change consistently, internal links still hold great value for the website visitors for their unique experience.

Internal links help your leads to easily move through your site and explore other relevant content they are interested in. Following are the different kinds of internal links that can be used:

  • Anchor Text Links: The search engines have long used anchor text-that is the words used to link-as a ranking factor. Keyword use in anchor text has a positive impact on rankings, the overuse of keyword-rich anchors can have the opposite effect. 
  • Tweet Me Links: Following is an example of a Tweet Link from a Content Marketing Institute blog post, which can be extremely helpful to generate traffic.   


  • Link to important pages within your website.

2. Publish Compelling News Releases:

One of the most effective link building strategies is the submission of news, press releases, research, opinions, guides, and other sorts of content on dedicated platforms.

3. Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging serves as a means to increase the visibility of your website on someone’s blog by placing a link on it. The links may be placed either in the text body or in “Author’s Bio”. In turn, you can reciprocate the favor and include a link on your site back to their site as well.

One thing that you need to be careful about is the site you are adding your link to is a trusted and secure site so that you do not suffer any negative ramifications.

4. Post on Q&A platforms:

Using Q&A platforms like Quora and Reddit are great ways to build links that send targeted traffic to your site. These links will also help to diversify the link profile. This isn’t about jumping straight in and adding a link but sharing relevant content and suggestions to help other users who have questions.

5. Use Social Bookmarking:

Social bookmarking sites are one of the tools that can fuel one of SEO’s most important elements- Backlinks (typically no-followed) but can also result in a massive increase in traffic back to your site. Social media works great for social bookmarking like Pinterest, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc.

6.Work with Non-Profit organizations:

 A big part of a link building strategy is outreach. You know your nonprofit, and you likely know related organizations, businesses, or foundations that share your values and cause – so, reach out to them! If you have content that can be of use to them, promote it. If you share a cause, let them know. You can write to them directly; explain who you are, what your nonprofit has to offer, and see if they will link to you. A good strategy is to have a page on your site, or a blog post, that can offer value to the other site, blogger, or organization.

Here is the list of Backlinko’s link building strategies:

  • Alumni Lists and Directories
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Directories
  • Company Directory Submissions
  • Event Resources
  • Local Listings
  • Reclaiming links pointing to 404s

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