Is Social Media Monitoring Important? Why or Why Not?

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April 28, 2022
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Is Social Media Monitoring Important? Why or Why Not?


People are posting their experiences on social media with a product they’ve tried, giving suggestions and comments, making complaints when they’re unhappy, and expressing needs that your product might fulfil amid the endless online discussions.

You can learn a lot about people by listening to their conversations with one another. These client discussions may be an excellent place to spot potential customers if you know where, when, and how to look. When they arrive, be there to welcome them, give them a tour, and engage with them. Perhaps they’ll return later on.

However, how can you be at home to welcome everyone all day, every day? It’s relatively simple. They’re discussing challenges that your product may help with. The question is whether you’re paying attention. With a solid social media monitoring strategy in place and the proper social media monitoring tools to assist you along the way, you can discover conversations that you would have missed otherwise.

Importance of Social Media Monitoring

Here are a few ways of how social media monitoring will be beneficial for your business:

Customer Service

On social media, it’s crucial to provide excellent customer service by listening and reacting to product comments, queries, and complaints. Users are more likely to feel favorable toward a company if their posts are responded to in studies. People tend to buy items when they have had a positive experience and believe they are treated nicely.

Customers will not only express their dissatisfaction with a product, but they’ll also voice possible improvements. When complaints or queries go unaddressed, the user experience may be affected. Customers may forget to tag you in their posts or even be unaware that your brand can be found on the social media network they’re using, yet they expect a response. You won’t miss out on chances to discuss with users once you start monitoring discussions and mentions.

Identify Potential Customers

People now conduct searches for information on social media in the same way they do online. Your brand has a chance to discover prospective consumers by engaging with them through social media platforms. There are several sorts of keywords you may track, including those used interchangeably:

  • Keywords related to your brand: These words are according to your company name, product name, and even frequent typos.
  • Buzzwords: These are the terms your company uses to describe its products or services. A travel agency may keep track of “holidays,” “weekend getaways,” and so on.
  • Keywords relevant to your location: If you have a physical presence in certain areas, you may want to keep track of trendy keywords in those locations.
  • Hashtags: You may also track hashtags relevant to your brand or industry or linked with a specific campaign.

Identify Advocates and Influencers

Influencers are those who are well-known in the field. Most purchasers state that they trust what their friends and family recommend. It’s a significant benefit to support individuals known as influencers in your industry since so much importance is placed on others’ recommendations.

You should also keep track of individuals who are promoting your brand. Brand advocates are people who frequently post about or recommend your product or service on social media. Establish a solid connection with these consumers and continue to interact with them.

Final Words

Social media monitoring is a continual process that’s most effective if you incorporate it into your daily routine. You’ll have a lot of data to help you expand your business after you’ve spent some time on it. Continue monitoring the social media environment so you can hear, react, and keep the conversation going.

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