How Does Digital Marketing Help Freelance Photographers Grow Their Business?

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May 12, 2022
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How Does Digital Marketing Help Freelance Photographers Grow Their Business?


As a freelance photographer, you have more flexibility in selecting the jobs you take. However, you are also responsible for finding new work on your own. This implies establishing contacts, obtaining recommendations, and putting out your best effort all of the time.

This post will go over the best digital marketing techniques for freelance photographers. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re just getting started or wish to grow your business.

1.   Create a Portfolio Website

Creating a freelance photography business will be difficult if you don’t already have one. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll need a portfolio website:

  • Establishes your presence on the internet
  • Shows you’re a professional photographer
  • Show your best work
  • Link to other social media sites
  • Allows clients to reach you readily

2.   Get Blogging

In the realm of marketing, content reigns supreme. Blogging allows you to engage with possible clients and establishes you as an expert in your field. You already have a lot of knowledge about taking excellent photographs as a photographer. As a freelancer, your experiences are fascinating not just to other photographers but also to other freelancers.

Consider a blog about your area of expertise. Ideas include:

  • Opinion and news
  • Product reviews
  • Techniques for photography
  • Tips and tricks for freelancing

There’s a lot to learn regarding SEO, but putting your gallery photos in keyword file names is an excellent place to start. Rename your pictures instead of keeping the meaningless DSC0047xxx words that your camera SD card mends them to.

3.   Leverage Social Networks

Connecting with clients, fans, and peers on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest is a great way to build your brand. These networks are so active that they might be intimidating at first, but with time and consistency, you’ll reap benefits.

As a freelancer, it’s preferable to construct your own branded and professional profiles rather than using your personal ones. Also, only join networks if you intend to be active on them. It’s better to have just one active network than three or four dormant ones.

Best Social Media Platforms for Photographers in 2021

4.   Turn Email Signature into a Digital Marketing Opportunity

Despite the rise of several social media sites, email remains a vital business communication tool. Many clients will want to contact you by email. With apps like Wisestamp, which help you improve leads and social reach by putting social profiles, messaging, and logos in your email signature, you may make more of every message.

5.   Use Different Photos in Marketing

Business cards and other digital marketing materials may be an opportunity to demonstrate your talents. Make the most of your Photoshop skills and show what you’re capable of. Do you have wedding photographs? Use one as a background for your business card as a freelancer. Always embrace the do-it-yourself mentality, and make the most of your (and others’) resources (and talent).

Final Words

There you have five actionable tips to get more clients as a freelance photographer. Use these methods to build your brand, showcase your work and attract new clients.

What other ways you’ve found to get more photography clients through digital marketing? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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