4 Easy Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Small Business

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November 29, 2020
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4 Easy Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Small Business

Look….we get it.

Being a small business owner is hard.

You’ve got a million things to worry about: taking care of your customers, making sure the right employees are representing you, tracking down that order that seems to have taken a small vacation somewhere in Canada….The last thing on your mind is taking selfies for Instagram and becoming the next viral craze on Tik Tok.

But you’re doing yourself AND your business a disservice by ignoring all the benefits social media can give you with just a little effort. 

Read on for 4 easy tips for using social media to help your small business. No viral videos needed – promise!

1. Choose your relevant Social Media Channels

You do NOT have to have a presence on every social media app or website available to you. In fact, we highly recommend you don’t. Pick two or three social channels that highlight the goals you’re trying to achieve and run with those. Ever hear the marketing acronym KISS – keep it simple, stupid? That applies here! Are you a candle maker with beautiful products that photograph well? Try focusing your social media efforts on Pinterest. Are you a restaurant that wants to showcase your delicious food to a specific area? Instagram could be your best friend. We always recommend you create a business Facebook page even if Facebook really isn’t your thing. Facebook has plenty of spaces to input every little detail about your location, hours, etc. and is a great social media resource for people trying to contact you. 

2. Completely fill out your social media profiles on the channels you choose

It might seem basic, but make sure your business name appears exactly how you expect people to be able to find you on your social media channels. If there are spots to add your location and hours on your social platform of choice, DO IT.  Add a link to your company website anywhere you can. Is there a tab to introduce your staff or write a blurb about why you started your business on your social media profile? DO IT. You don’t have to trace your love of candle making all the way back to the Mayflower, but people like to know who they’re buying from. Social media profiles are a great way to show the human side of your company.

3. Automate, automate, automate!

This is where I feel like we might lose some of you….social media requires consistency to help you rank higher with Google. Simply signing up for Facebook and letting it die in the wasteland of the internet isn’t enough. Each social media platform has a way to automate posting, whether it’s integrated into the platform directly or through a 3rd party. Facebook has its own in-platform scheduler. Hootsuite has both paid and free versions depending on the amount of social profiles you have.  Spending an hour or so once a month to schedule out a few posts on each of your social media sites will pay off big time. Make sure your posts aren’t all self-promotions. Who wants to listen to someone talk about themselves all month long?? Find articles relevant to your industry, link some cool events happening in your area, and yes….send people back to your website!

4. React and respond to posts, comments, and questions across all social media platforms

Here’s where you might turn over a task to a trusted employee or co-owner (you’re the boss, right? Delegate!). Start with once a week, and go through the social media sites you chose to respond to your fans that have taken the time to comment or share your posts. A simple “thanks for the love!” under a comment someone posted on Facebook on photos of your scented candle just might net you a customer for life. 

Are these social media tips going to make you the next Apple or Amazon overnight? No! But they will help increase your trustworthiness with Google, get you to pop up more often and higher in search rankings, and show your customers what kind of human touch they can expect when buying from or interacting with your small business. Which is really what it’s all about, right?

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About the Author: Cindy Hallo is a content writer and social media specialist based in the Dallas area. When she’s not giving tips on online social media strategies, you can find her traveling the world looking for the best places to run marathons. Find her on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cindyhallo/

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