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December 7, 2020
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Finally, you have got Facebook ads as an important part of your social media marketing strategy! What is the next step? The continuous process of learning, optimizing, and monitoring Facebook ad campaigns is essential for the growth of your business. Following are the types of Facebook ad campaigns, you need to know which metrics are crucial, and why?

Type of Campaign You Run

The essential Facebook ad metrics, or vary per objective, KPIs (key performance indicators), varying on the kind of campaign you run. Let’s talk about different types of campaigns to run.

Boosted Posts

An excellent way to increase your content’s engagement is by boosting your post on Facebook. Do you know Facebook is a pay-to-play business platform? You need to invest some amount in boosting your posts. In this way, you can increase the post’s reactions, likes, shares, and comments.

Page Like Ads

The best way to increase your Facebook followers is through the Facebook page like ads. These types of ads incentivize the audience to like your page so that they can see your created content more. The page like ads increases the reach, your followers, and brand awareness. In short, while running these ads, it is a win-win-win.

Brand Awareness/Reach Ads

Another method to increase your brand awareness, particularly engagement, is brand awareness or reach campaign. Both these options are present under the option “Awareness” in Facebook Ad Manager. It is best when you have an important message that you want to share with diverse people.

Traffic Ads

The traffic ads are crucial to run when you want to transfer the audience to a landing page or a website you have created. Like the brand awareness or reach ads, these are not best if you are selling a service or product. But they are significant for the call to action of “learn more” that increases conversion.

Conversion Ads

You need to run the conversion ads if you have an eCommerce business. These ads are perfect for offering a service or product to an audience, and it permits you to track the conversions you get from the social media ads. These ads help drive the audience to your store, convert them into customers, and measure the revenue.

Lead Generation Ads

The lead generation ads are perfect for those people who need to collect email addresses to offer a service but do not have a landing page or a website to send people to fill a form. These ads make it easy by providing the form that shows to the individual within the browser or Facebook app, which allows for a more convenient and comfortable user experience.


Though every type and objective of the campaign differs from one another, numerous types have essential Facebook ad metrics. After identifying the basic KPIs of your campaign, it is time to optimize the ads. The best way to optimize the campaign is within the targeting. You can define your targeted audience from their basic demographics, such as location and age, to particular behaviors and interests, such as having graduated from college or being in a relationship.