Benefits and Strategies for Audience Segmentation for your online marketing.

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Benefits and Strategies for Audience Segmentation for your online marketing.


What is Audience Segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the process of dividing your customers into small groups based on common factors. The most common traits are listed below:


  • Demographics/Location
  • Age
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Journey 
  • Life Stage
  • Spending Power
  • Challenges

Benefits of Customer/Audience Segmentation

Audience segmentation can be the key to your business’s sky rocketing success and an important part of your online marketing strategy in 2023. As per “ A survey with 1000 participants found that 80% of audiences tend to do business with a brand that personalizes their experience with it. It can help you to understand the customer needs and run the online marketing campaigns with customized content to elevate their user experience. 


Strategies to follow for audience segmentation in 2023.

To get the most of your online marketing you need to use strategies that allow your content to connect with your target audience via different channels. Here are top tips to consider before making your online marketing strategy:


  • Set your marketing goals:

The first thing is to decide the online marketing and campaigns goals and objectives. Setting goals will help track the KPI’s and measure the performance. 


  • Collect audience data through analytics:

The audience data collected from analytics will be the most crucial information to identify your customer needs such as the age, location, sex, customer journey, interests, browsing history etc. 


  • Create multi channel marketing strategy

The data collected from multi channels like social media posts, blogs on the website, email marketing and other video platforms. 


  • Create customer journey maps

The customer journey map  is the most effective way to know your customer’s interest and in what stage of the marketing funnel they stand. 


  • Creating possible audience segments

Divide your customer segments based on the criteria that you decide based on the customer data. 




Audience segmentation is not a one time effort but an ongoing process. You should track the performance of the segments created and measure them against the set goals like Click through rate, reach more people, increase in followers/subscribers etc.

Be flexible and revise the customer segments if your strategy is not able to resonate with your audience. 

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