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LinkedIn for a Business

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LinkedIn is not just for people looking for Jobs. LinkedIn can be used to grow your business as well. It is a professional platform that allows you not only to make professional connections but also to engage in industry discussions. In addition, you need these connections to build your brand awareness and promote your business to stand out from the crowd. Optimizing your LinkedIn business profile makes your business turn up in searches and be discovered by consumers. In fact, LinkedIn uses Algorithms that give priority to optimized accounts to appear in searches.

To be visible on LinkedIn you need to have a high ranking in its internal search results. A Few Tips on how to rank high:

    1. Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of your trademark account. Fill out your profile completely.   Don’t make it look like a CV. Design it in an attractive way for your customers to reflect the brand’s   name and let it look as if you are speaking with your clients. For instance, It is a resource, add more   content and media to make it a better one.

     2. Make impressive optimized photos of your company’s logo. In fact, the first impression is the first   step towards your consumer. It all starts up when someone encounters your brand. Besides, the   minimum size for your profile photo should be 200×200 pixels. Avoid blurry- looking pictures. Also   design a background image that reflects your business website.

     3. Make it easy for your customers to find you on LinkedIn by customizing your URL name. Keep it   simple and don’t use spaces.

     4. Optimize your headline. Always use the keywords that you believe your target clients will use to   search your business and avoid long-tail words.

    5. Add the URL of your business website in the introduction section. Moreover, in the drop menu,   there is an option where you can name or describe your website. This makes your clients get engaged   and have reason to come back to your website. Next, in the summary section, now you can include up   to six pieces of media. Add testimonials, product presentations, blog posts, brochures, etc.

   6. Modify your contact information to drive up your visibility. You may do so by filling out the contact   tags with valuable keywords that people looking up for your product use.

  7. Use native video now available on your LinkedIn business company page to target your audience and extend your network. Introduce your services or products and share consumers’ reviews. Also,   make sure to add Hashtags to your videos. Furthermore, you can promote your video on your LinkedIn company page by sponsoring it (PPC).

   8. Try to build up your recommendation part on your LinkedIn business profile page. As a result, this helps to build your consumer’s trust in your brand.

   9. Expand your network. Make as many connections as you can to improve your visibility. In addition,   you can boost your LinkedIn visibility by reaching out to new contacts by synchronizing your email   marketing list with the contacts’ email in your LinkedIn account. This way you can look up people who   are connected to your customers and can be potential users.

  10. Maximize your network more by joining LinkedIn groups to target your potential audience. Groups   expose your business to more people. For example, you can look up groups by using keywords for   your business or target the groups that people in your network are on.  Engage in the groups and stay   active to be visible by search engines.



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     Finally, remember the magic of keeping your consumers engaged, first consistency      and second updates. 

     Create new valuable content and share videos to improve your visibility and drive-      up traffic.

   Moreover, to be visible on LinkedIn you need to have a high ranking in its internal   search results.

   Internal links are always a great way too, to be found out by search engines. Again   don’t forget to link your LinkedIn business profile to all your websites and social media   accounts to enhance your LinkedIn presence and improve your visibility.



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