Boost your marketing plan on Twitter by using Twitter ads

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October 26, 2021
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Boost your marketing plan on Twitter by using Twitter ads

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We all know that Twitter is a social media platform for following up to date breaking news.  This includes what people are talking about on daily basis from leaders of the world to celebrities to businesses to normal people. Twitter  is also  a popular way for brands to become well known and  strengthen online presence through organic tweets and paid ads as part of their marketing plan.

If you don’t have enough followers on your Twitter account, or your followers are building up slowly then you need to boost and scale up your audience by advertising on Twitter ( Twitter ad policy ).

Maybe it is time now to start your marketing campaign.  Target potential customers that may turn into followers and start boosting your business traffic and generate conversions. Set up your demographics and audience features to the right potential followers.

Twitter ads are not just normal tweets but paid (promoted ads) that can stretch out to more people in addition to your existing followers which increase your visibility and traffic. Fans deal with Twitter ads the same way they do with tweets they can retweet, like, or comment on the ad.

There are three types of Twitter ads:

     1.Promoted trends.

     2.Promoted accounts.

     3.Promoted tweets.

The appearance will be different on the tweet box of each advertising depending on what type of ads you choose.  

The main goal of advertising on Twitter is to create awareness, increase engagement with your customers and generate conversions. To accomplish these tasks, you need to have a successful marketing strategy for your twitter ads campaign:

twitter ads marketing strategy

1. Have clear objectives before you start advertising on Twitter.

2. Focus on one clear message and keep it short and precise to catch your existing followers and potential customers’ eyes and turn them into followers that have interest in your product or services.

3. use Hashtags to spark a conversation.  Allow the audience to join the discussion and interact with others who are interested in your brand (engager targeting). This allows you to reach and target users who previously engaged or viewed your tweets or videos and you only pay when your advertisement achieves its marketing goal.

4. Adjust your bid, you pay for your performance, which means that you pay only for promoted tweets that help you reach your goal. Advertisements on Twitter are relatively cheap compared to others, promoted ads can cost you from 0.50-2.00 per action (low cost per click).

5.  Drive consumer engagement by creating active chat like asking a question, reply to comments,  or do some kind of sweepstakes.

6.  Develop a posting calendar.

7. Twitter ads can be text, image or video, recently there is an increase in using videos on Twitter. People engage more with tweets that share videos than tweets without, plus it is more affordable and cost-effective. Check out this link below on how to make great videos to bring attention to your brand.

One best thing about Twitter ads is that it allows you to interact live with your followers. You can reply to their questions, comments and address any concerns they might have unlike google ads.

In the end don’t forget to use the tactic of giving away rewards to make your targeted customers feel more excited to buy,  try your product or service. Always keep valuable content to guarantee the engagement of your followers and their interest in your business.


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About the Author: Zainab Ibrahim, currently working as an intern for Data Kash Consulting LLC. Passionate about content writing, SEO and Social Media Marketing. Learn more about my qualifications at LinkedIn