Our Top Picks for Free SEO WordPress Plugins

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September 14, 2021
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October 9, 2021
SEO Vs SEM: What are the Differences and Where They Meet?
September 14, 2021
Pay Per Click Advertising
5 Incredibly Useful PPC Marketing Tips for Small Business. Read or Miss Out!
October 9, 2021

WordPress SEO plugins help websites owners, bloggers, and companies. The best WordPress plugins improve the content to rank high in search engines, increase internet traffic, and provide high-quality information for a better user experience.

The most significant advantage is that developers and businesses can use SEO WordPress plugins to grow traffic better and compete with rivals. Effective SEO plugins improve Google search engine rankings and allow more people to find high-quality online and mobile sites regardless of corporate size.

Let’s go through our top picks for free WordPress plugins.

AMP for WordPress

The AMP SEO plugin improves site speed and mobile traffic. Furthermore, mobile app optimization increases online presence for both desktop and mobile sites. Last but not least, WordPress articles enhance the quality of the site’s content. Finally, Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes more friendly to mobile applications.

All-In-One SEO (AISEO)

AISEO is the most comprehensive WordPress SEO Plugin and marketing tool. It helps you to improve your website’s SEO rankings and uncover new SEO growth opportunities. AISEO is the best beginner-friendly WordPress SEO plugin that’s both easy and powerful.


WordPress sites that use security plugins gain better SEO outcomes as a result of their usage. Sites without security optimization plugins tend to suffer significant Google search engine rankings declines and potential traffic loss. The Sucuri SEO plugin is helpful for WordPress developers. The plugin provides security services, such as monitoring worrisome activities on websites and stopping spam and hacking.

Easy Table of Contents

The Easy Table of Contents plugin enhances WordPress sites by improving content management and providing user-friendly tools. The extension creates a table of contents for posts, pages, and custom posts in the content headers. The amount of traffic to your site’s various web pages helps boost its search engine position as more people visit it.

W3 Total Cache

As a final tip, W3 Total Cache is a WordPress web optimization plugin that improves performance. First, the technology gathers data on WordPress platforms and then stores it more effectively to minimize webpage load times. W3 Total Cache adds content distribution network (CDN) capabilities, combining JavaScript with CSS, HTML, and browser caching.


Finally, ShortPixel is a WordPress-compatible SEO web page performance plugin that you can download for free. Search engine optimization tools like ShortPixel may help WordPress developers improve their search engine rankings.

A3 Lazy Load

The WordPress A3 Lazy Load plugin creates more SEO-friendly material and media. This plugin applies further optimization techniques to structure various media, including animations, photographs, and videos.

Smush Image Compression

WordPress SEO plugins improve the content’s quality and rank through content SEO. Smush Image Compression media optimization tools for WordPress, for example, rebuild media on desktop sites and mobile to reduce loading times more accurately.

Schema Rich Snippets

The next tool, Schema Rich Snippets, provides all-in-one SEO solutions for WordPress users. The SEO plugin improves WordPress sites with complex content and SEO tags by optimizing them with enhanced functionality.

Rank Math

As a suggestion, Rank Math is an open-source All-in-one SEO solution for WordPress web platforms. The extension’s reputation is determined by the frequency of consistent online traffic and valuable SEO tools, which may be found on the WordPress plugins page.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO connects search engines to social media sites to increase overall site traffic. The extension, for example, includes features that help you improve your content for greater reader engagement. You can easily configure on-page content optimization, title tags, keywords, and meta description with this tool.

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The Verdict: Users improve Google search engine rankings by utilizing these top free SEO WordPress plugins. These technologies enhance the quality of WordPress sites’ content and media.

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