Why Ignoring ORGANIC TRAFFIC Will Cost You Time and Sales?

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Why Ignoring ORGANIC TRAFFIC Will Cost You Time and Sales?


There are a variety of reasons why you may see a drop in organic traffic and sales, of course! It has been well established in numerous studies that SEO is one of the most effective web marketing methods. Despite working effectively for years, some elements may jeopardize your SEO strategy and cause it to fail, despite having many benefits.

Here are a few reasons for a drop in organic traffic and revenue (sales).

Your Site is Inaccessible

If your website is unreachable by both users and Google, it will be harmful to your SEO. Did you schedule midnight maintenance of your website, confident that no one would visit it? You’ve made a mistake. Of course, your visitors won’t be browsing your site right now, but that isn’t the case with Googlebot’s; they never sleep! If Google bots are unable to crawl your website when they decide to, they will not hesitate to penalize it.

An inaccessible website from the user’s perspective is also very damaging. Your website may be too slow to load, causing your visitors to become frustrated and immediately go over to one of your competition’s websites to shop.

An Indexing or Crawling Problem

Is your website accurately positioned in search results? If not, look at file settings that allow for crawling and instruct robots how to proceed. This is available in sitemap.xml and robots.txt files. Don’t forget to check the server logs for anything of value!

If the robots.txt file isn’t completed, no Googlebot will see your website! Your website won’t be crawled if it’s not filled in. You may lose a lot of traffic if the wrong instructions are included! If crawling is restricted, your webpages will be unable to be indexed and visitors will have no way of visiting your website.

A Google Penalty

A Google penalty will result in a significant decrease in organic traffic for a website. The following are two specific examples: If the most important pages on the site are impacted, this will have a significant effect; otherwise, it won’t appear in search engines anymore.

The Penguin, Panda, and Fred algorithms are responsible for the majority of Google penalties affecting a website; however, they may also be caused by a human taking a manual action! Regardless of the penalty you’ve been subjected to, you may recognize it using Search Console and begin recovering your website.

Your Competitors have Outpaced You

It’s a competitive race for everyone on Google to stay ahead of your rivals. Tell yourself that it’s the same for your competition if you’re considering this!

Websites that rank in the top three of the SERP receive 80% of all clicks on a search results page. If your website was ranking in the top three and now ranks fourth or fifth, you will notice an immediate drop in organic traffic. Worse yet, if you appear on the second page of search results, your traffic and exposure will be severely damaged!

The Importance of Competitor Analysis for Effective SEO

To begin, the goal is to figure out the source of your traffic decline: is it technical or deliberate? This information is critical for you to know where and how to go. You will be able to detect the crisis before it happens if you make a monthly report of your traffic and ranking.

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