Guide to running Facebook ad campaign on a low budget that converts
January 31, 2021
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February 14, 2021
Guide to running Facebook ad campaign on a low budget that converts
January 31, 2021
SEO for Small Business – An Advanced Overview
February 14, 2021

Do you want to create a social media marketing plan from scratch? This strategy outlines everything you need to do and want to achieve on different social media platforms. It leads your actions and allows you to know whether you succeed or fail. If

If your social media marketing strategy is more specific, it will be more effective. Just try to make it concise. Never make it so broad and lofty that it is not possible or attainable to measure.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Well! Just consider beginning at the ground floor and working up; let us talk about an outline on creating a social media marketing plan:

Step No. 01: Which Social Media Channels You Should Use?

Well! Social media is relatively consistent from network to network. It is a time of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and others. Every network is different, with its own audience, own style, and own practices.

Pick a social network that fits your strategy and the goals you need to achieve on social media platforms.

A few things to consider that can help you pick the best social network for you:

Audience: Where do your customers spend their time? Which network has the best demographics?

Time: How much time can you give to a social network? Think about at least one hour in a day per social network.

Resources: What skills and personnel do you have to work with? Social media, such as Facebook, focus on high-quality content. Visual networks such as Instagram and Pinterest need videos and images.

Step No. 02: Fill out all the details in your profiles

Visit your every social media profile and ensure that your profile photos, bio, cover photos, and profile information are complete and up-to-date. It is an essential part of your social media audit. If your profile is complete, it shows cohesive branding, professionalism, and a sign to visitors that you are serious about interacting.

Your profiles may need two parts: texts and visuals.

For visuals, you should aim for familiarity and consistency with the visuals you use on social media. Your profile on Instagram should be matched with the one on Facebook. Similarly, the cover photo will be similar on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

For texts, the central region to customize is the info/ bio section. Create an expert social media bio, and there are six rules mentioned below:

  1. Show, never tell: “What have you done?” often works better than “Who you are?”
  2. Use appropriate keywords for the audience
  3. Do not use buzzwords; keep the language fresh
  4. Answer every question of your followers
  5. Be personable and personal
  6. Revisit often.

Step No. 03: Determine Your Marketing Tone and Voice

You should determine your marketing tone and voice before proceeding further. For this, you need to spend time with different marketing personas and debating the fine points of the customer base and mission statement. These are all good and well. For a social media marketing plan moving off the ground, you can make the process a bit easy.

Try to start with some questions such as:

  • If your company is a person, what type of personality it has?
  • If your company is a person, what is its relationship to the user? (a dad, teacher, friend, coach, etc.).
  • Explain in adjectives what your business’ personality is not.
  • Are there any firms having a similar personality to yours? Why are they the same?
  • What do you want the users to think about your business?

Now, just gather a handful of adjectives that explain your social media marketing plan’s tone and voice.

Step No. 04: Choose the Posting Strategy for your social media channels

What should you post, and when? How often should you post? What is the best amount to post in one day? The best answer to all these questions is:

“It depends.”

What Should You Post? – Videos are perfect for engagement because they get more likes, shares, and views than other post types. On Facebook, the videos get more average engagement than image posts or link posts. Well! When it comes to Twitter, video posts are retweeted six times more than photos and three times more retweeted than GIFs.

How Often Should You Post? – There is a lot of exciting information about how often you should post on social media. Some factors that impact the specific sharing frequency include the quality of updates, your resources, your reach, and your industry. The social network you use will have its own practices as well.

Here are the guidelines I have put together on how to post on social media.

  • Snapchat – 5 – 20 times per week
  • Pinterest – 5 – 10 times per day
  • LinkedIn – One or two times per day
  • Twitter – 3 – 10 times per day
  • Instagram Stories – 8 to 16 stories, two times per week
  • Instagram – One or two times per day
  • Facebook – One or two times per day

When Should You Post? – Numerous tools help you know about the best times to create and post your content. I have compiled an overview of the most widely used platforms (EST Time):

  • Google+ – 9 to 11 am weekdays
  • Pinterest – 8 to 11 pm and 2 to 4 pm weekdays with the weekends being the best
  • Instagram – 8 pm on Mondays and 5 to 6 pm weekdays with the best spot at 6 pm
  • Tumblr – 4 pm on Fridays and 7 to 10 pm weekdays
  • LinkedIn – 5 to 6 pm and 7 to 8:30 am Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
  • Facebook – 1 to 4 pm weekdays
  • Twitter – 1 to 3 pm weekdays

Step No. 05: Test, Analyze, and Repeat

If you post more, you will see which frequency, timing, and content is best for you. For this purpose, it is great to get any analytics tools for social media. It will help you find all info from its dashboard. Let me tell you one exciting way to evaluate your performance:

  • Set a BenchMark: Go back to the stats after some weeks or a month of sharing a post and find the average number of likes, comments, shares, and clicks on the post. It will be your benchmark from now on.
  • Test Something New: Check out Facebook live feature. The live videos may get more views than other videos. Does the length of your video matter? You need to test new features to see what works for your social media marketing plan.
  • Social media paid advertising: (Facebook ads, Instagram ads) should also be a part of your plan.

If your business has social media presence or needs to enter the social media domain, Contact Us Now !! to learn more about our social media management services and schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

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Written by Tarundeep Kaur, freelance content strategist and writer passionate about SEO and Social Media Marketing in Plano Texas. Loves to cook and paint in her free time. You can reach her on Linkedin

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