Best Social Media Platforms for Photographers in 2021

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February 22, 2021
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8 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website : Free and Paid
February 22, 2021
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March 17, 2021

Social media offers numerous opportunities for photographers to connect with their followers and fans, associate with other photographers, drive traffic to a blog or portfolio website, build name recognition, and get more work exposure.

Every social media platform has its own pros and cons, and not every platform is ideal for photographers. Here are some of the top social media networks you may need to consider as photographers.


This platform is ideal for photographers. It is a visual platform suited to show your work; however, it is highly renowned. It is famous not only for creatives and photographers but popular with the general population. It means that it is best to get exposure to potential fans and clients, not just photographers.

You can read more about Instagram for Photographers by clicking the below picture.


Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a mainstream social media network world-famous and visual. But there are numerous differences between the two platforms. When it comes to beginners, vertical pictures will get the most space on the Pinterest screen. You can crop the image to suit the appropriate Pinterest size (900px high and 600px wide is recommended).


It is a social media platform for photographers founded in 2009. As compared to Behance, 500px emphasizes photography and does not involve design categories and other kinds of creative work. All you need is to create your profile to get the photos in front of a worldwide, large audience.


Behance is a social media network that was made, particularly like photographers and designers. Photographers are just one work category featured on Behance; however, numerous photographers are active on the site, and the work quality to be very high. Adobe owns it, and if you want to use Adobe Portfolios to power the portfolio website, there is an integration with this platform.


Founded in 2004, Flickr is among the ancient social media networks for photographers. Though its fame has reduced a bit over the years, it is an active site capable of offering a lot of exposure. SmugMug bought Flickr, and it has brought different positive changes and extra options for its users. You can create a basic profile for FREE, and upgrade if you need any additional features.


Facebook is a widely used social media network. Though Facebook altered its coding many years ago to decrease the exposure that companies can get without investing in ads, there is a vast potential for exposure and free Facebook traffic. The photographers can use this platform through their profiles. You can post numerous photos, announcements about the services and products, and links to your blog or website from your profile.

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It is a famous platform for microblogging. Though you can find all kinds of content on Tumblr, pictures tend to produce interest and resharing. If you want to combine photography and blogging, Tumblr is a perfect platform. You may like it or not, but it is ideal for generating exposure for your work.

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