What is Google Analytics GA4? What are the Benefits of it?

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What is Google Analytics GA4? What are the Benefits of it?


In October 2020, Google released a new version of Google Analytics known as Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which was subsequently rolled out to all users.

With Google Analytics 4, you can use the same tracking code for both Google Analytics and Universal Analytics (the current platform). However, the data that it takes track of is somewhat different. GA4 is concerned primarily with data visualization and machine learning. You’ll discover more insights, predictive analyses, and so on, along with more charts and graphs in GA4.

Aside from ease of monitoring, Google Analytics 4 is also concerned with simplicity. Instead of various views for related items, all relevant properties have their own “Data Streams,” and all these streams will be combined into one view. The goal of aggregated data is to understand a user’s path across platforms better.

Benefits of Google Analytics GA4

Track across both your app and web

Previously, you used Google Analytics and Firebase for your website and app tracking, respectively. Now you may track it all in one place. Marketers will be happier if martech is reduced.

Enhanced events-based measurements

Previously, GA recorded basic events automatically, and anything else had to be handled manually in both Google Tag Manager and GA. Everything was really just a hit back then in the old GA, and events were a type of hit.

You will still need to build custom events to get the most out of GA4. It includes additional basic measurements, such as outbound link clicks and scrolling, website searches, and document link clicks. This means marketers can now monitor more without needing developers to assist them in setting up everything as custom events.

Custom reports provide users with the required information

They offer a lot more flexibility in segmentation and dimension/metric addition, making them a whole lot more user-friendly. It’s not a massive difference in functionality, but it is easier to use.

A complete view of the buyer‘s journey

This gives you a complete view of your buyer journey, and the flow customers follow on your website. You may get a better sense of how they arrived at your conversion point and suggest how to improve those steps. You might even go back from a conversion point and build the conversion path that way.

Free BigQuery exports

You had to upgrade to GA 360 in Universal Analytics to get raw data out, which is an expensive product, especially for small businesses. Now you may export raw event-level data to BigQuery for free. This is fantastic news for everyone who works with their data in a data warehouse.

Strategic review

GA4’s entrance offers an excellent chance to go over your entire tracking system and determine whether what you have fulfils your KPI plan. Consider it as a chance to tidy up!

Final Words

In conclusion, GA4 is easier and more powerful than GA, indicating that the barrier to data usage is dropping. But don’t just jump from one to the next; try them both simultaneously and see which insights and user experience you like best?

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